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Appraisers (鑑定師, Kantei-shi) are folk who appraise antiques and murals whose value and name are unknown to amateurs. It is a common profession in the Suikoden series.


Appraisers with a high level of knowledge and experience are able to distinguish between masterpieces, inferior products, and counterfeit works. They have a keen eye for observation and discern the value of things.

Becoming an appraiser requires extensive knowledge and passion about works of art. For example, there are many appraisal items scattered within the appraiser class of the New Leaf Academy in Greenhill City. This is because students see and touch the actual items with their own eyes. This experience is the most sure-fire way to improve one's skills as an appraiser.

During the Gate Rune War, Jabba would put his observational eye to use for the Toran Liberation Army, judging the value of found items at Toran Castle. Lebrante, meanwhile, was the resident appraiser at New State Army Headquarters during the Dunan Unification War. Jabba worked in a private room, so he could concentrate in private. Meanwhile, Lebrante lined his store with expensive items to showcase his skills.

Having such a person on hand was vital for those who wished to make potch through the trading of antiques. If one avoided the use of an appraiser they could inadvertently end up selling valuable items at a steep discount.


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