Kallnach Rugner

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Kallnach Rugner

カルナッハ・ルーグナー Karunahha Rūgunā

Unknown (Suikoden II PC).png
Gender Male
Race Human
From Gregminster, Scarlet Moon Empire
Family Barbarosa Rugner (grandson)
Geil Rugner (son)
Michelan Rugner (son)

Kallnach Rugner (カルナッハ・ルーグナー Karunahha Rūgunā) is a character mentioned in background supplements for Suikoden. He was Emperor of the Scarlet Moon Empire long before the events of the Gate Rune War.

Kallnach Rugner had two sons, Geil and Michelan. Although Geil was the eldest son and was expected to be named heir, Kallnach appointed Michelan as his heir. This decision would eventually lead to the War of Succession when Geil would try and wrest the throne away from Michelan's appointed heir, Barbarosa.


  • More commonly translated as Karnach Rugner, which is perfectly valid. However, Karnach/Karnac/Karnak is almost always translated as "カルナック" hence the change here to "Kallnach", a more common romanisation for "カルナッハ". Kallnach is the name of a a municipality in Switzerland and the name is Swiss-German in origin.


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