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Character cards (キャラクターカード, Kyarakutākādo) are the card type central to the Genso Suikoden Card Stories TCG. Character cards are needed to establish facilities and engage missions, earning VP so that the player can win the game.


Character cards are one of the three main card types, along with Mission cards and Facilities cards. They roughly make up about 70% of the cards in the game and a comparable ratio is preferable for individual decks as well.

They depicted characters from the Suikoden series and have a number of fields tailored to that character. Players use these cards to establish Facilities cards and engage Mission cards in order to win the game. Playing a character card is called "deploying."

Unlike the other card types, Character cards can be further subdivided by their Class, which affects how they interact with Mission and Facilities cards.



Geddoe character card

The character name. There can be cards of the same character name with differing attributes and abilities depending on the release. Conversely, some cards of the same character name may differ only in artwork used. Names are also vital in determining whether the Unique Rule applies or not.


Main article: Rune (Genso Suikoden Card Stories)

Some characters in the Suikoden series carry runes, which give them special powers. In Card Stories characters with a rune may have unique abilities or be affected by other cards differently than those without runes.


Main article: Gender

The gender given to the character. Gender is something of a misnomer as it represents not only sex but also robots, non-sapient animals and so on. Different cards and abilities can target and affect different genders in the game.


Main article: Class

Character cards are divided into 5 different classes. These classes affect when and where they can be played in the game. The five classes are: Mastermind, Leader, Commoner, Free and Craftman.

List of Character cards


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