CS2 Starter Deck

2003 Card Stories 2 starter deck release
CS2 Starter Deck
スターターデッキ, Sutātādekki

CS2 Starter Deck box art
Publisher Konami
Released March 13, 2003
Price 1280 yen
Cards 50 in box, 31 individual
Predecessor Booster Pack Vol.4
Successor CS2 Booster Pack Vol.1

The Starter Deck (スターターデッキ, Sutātādekki) was a special beginner deck for the second edition of Genso Suikoden Card Stories. It was released in Japan on March 13, 2003, and retailed for 1,280 yen.

The Starter Box came with 31 individual cards with some duplicates, for a total of 50. It was released along with CS2 Booster Pack Vol.1.

The Starter Deck featured characters and situations from Suikoden III with artwork by several different artists. Aside from Star Parallel cards and Radiance Star Parallel cards, several Sign Rare cards were included in this set.

Card List

Set # Card # Name Rarity Type
001 CS-001 Flame Champion Common Mastermind
009 CS-009 Sgt. Joe Common Leader
013 CS-013 Dupa Common Leader
014 CS-014 Beecham Common Leader
015 CS-015 Hugo Common Leader
022 CS-022 Yumi Common Leader
023 CS-023 Yun Common Leader
025 CS-025 Lucia Common Leader
028 CS-028 Aila Common Commoner
032 CS-032 Anne Common Commoner
044 CS-044 Shiba Common Commoner
052 CS-052 Bazba Common Commoner
054 CS-054 Fubar Common Commoner
058 CS-058 Yuiri Common Commoner
062 CS-062 Luce Common Commoner
064 CS-064 Lulu Common Commoner
066 CS-066 Rhett Common Commoner
068 CS-068 Wilder Common Free
080 CS-080 Shabon Common Free
082 CS-082 Thomas Common Free
083 CS-083 Toppo Common Free
085 CS-085 Nei Common Free
111 CS-111 Peggi Common Craftman
117 CS-117 Mamie Common Craftman
119 CS-119 Defenders of Justice?? Common Mission
121 CS-121 Soul-Sending Ritual Common Mission
123 CS-123 Battle Against the Water Dragon Common Mission
124 CS-124 Grotesque Creature Common Mission
126 CS-126 Gray World Common Mission
128 CS-128 Ancient Highway Common Facilities
131 CS-131 Alma Kinan Common Facilities
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