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Facilities cards (施設カード, Shisetsukādo) are a card type in Genso Suikoden Card Stories. Facilities cards are played for Character cards to attempt to construct, giving bonuses to cards on the field.


The Facilities card Library take 5 Construction points to clear and 8 Attack points to block. If cleared, it will expand the hand size limit of the player who originally played the card.

Facilities cards are one of the three main card types, along with Character cards and Mission cards. They are usually based on incidents in the Suikoden series.

Each Facilities card has a certain number of Construction points needed to clear it. If the player who plays the Facilities card meets these criteria, the card is cleared, and the bonuses assigned to the card are awarded. Meanwhile, the opponent must try and clear the amount of Blocking points listed. If they do so, the attempt to clear the Facilities card is blocked and the card, along with all Character cards in play on it, are discarded.

Facilities cards are usually cleared by the dispatching of Character cards during a Deployment Step although some Mission cards have unique methods of clearance.

Every two Facilities cards cleared by a player grants them an extra 1 VP, making them a viable strategy for victory and an important tactic for any opponent to try and counter.

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