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The deck (デッキ, dekki) is the set of cards that a player can draw from while playing Genso Suikoden Card Stories. Each player uses their own deck in a game.

A deck is made from Character, Mission and Facilities cards.

When a game begins, the deck is placed face-down in the deck space on the game field. All cards in the deck must remain face-down during the game (unless a card effect says otherwise). During a game, neither player may view the contents of either player's deck unless a card effect allows them to. Even if a card in the deck is face-up, it cannot be looked at by either player unless it is on top of the deck.

Deck rules

  • The deck must contain only legal cards.
  • The deck must contain 50 cards.
  • A player may not have more than 4 cards of the same name in a deck. This is a Chapter II rule. If you are playing under original Card Stories rules only, then there is no limit.
  • If you choose to use a Mastermind card, each card in your deck with a camp alignment must match at least one of the Mastermind cards camp alignments.

Deck recommendations

  • Roughly 30-35 cards of your deck should be comprised of Character cards.
  • Of your Character cards, about 20 of the cards should be Leader cards as they are vital for engaging Mission cards.
  • Around 10 cards should be Mission and Facilities cards.
  • The remainder of your deck should be given over to other Character cards.
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