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The Preparation Phase (準備フェイズ, Junbi Feizu) is a term used in Genso Suikoden Card Stories. It is a phase that only occurs at the beginning of a game, before any player's turn.


Three things happen during the Preparation Phase, in this order:

  1. Each player shuffles the other's deck and returns it to the deck's owner.
  2. The player's Mastermind card, if one is to be used, is announced and placed face up. Be careful to ensure your Mastermind has not accidentally been shuffled and that your deck does not break the camp rules for the Mastermind card.
  3. The player order (i.e. which player starts the game) is determined. Rock-paper-scissors or a coin toss are the most common way to determine this but as going first yields no real advantage, the manner of determining this is not important.
  4. Cards are drawn until each player has reached their hand limit (6 cards by default). You may discard 3 of these cards in order to draw 3 new cards if your hand is unsatisfactory. The discarded cards are mixed back into the player's deck.

Once these actions have been met, the first player's Main Phase begins.

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