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Camp (陣営, Shubetsu) is a term used in Genso Suikoden Card Stories. Camps are the side or forces that a character card is aligned to. Only Leader and Commoner cards have camp alignments.


Initially, there were five different camp alignments.

  • Camp New State.png New State Army (新同盟軍), the protagonist forces in Suikoden II.
  • Camp Federation Faction.png State Army Federation Faction (同盟軍連邦派), the forces of the City-State of Jowston, from Suikoden II, who wish to preserve the alliance (Muse, Greenhill, South Window and Two River).
  • Camp Third Force.png Third force (第三勢力), a term used to denote non or otherwise aligned forces.
  • Camp Royal Army.png Royal Army (王国軍), referring to the army of the Highland Kingdom in Suikoden II.
  • Camp Independence Faction.png State Army Independence Faction (同盟軍独立派), referring to individual city-states within Jowston who do not try to preserve the alliance in Suikoden II (Matilda and Tinto).

Booster Pack Vol.2 introduced a single new alignment, making six.

  • Camp Toran Republic.png Toran Republican Army (トラン共和国軍), the forces of the Toran Republic after the events of Suikoden.

With the release of Genso Suikoden Card Stories II, three more camp alignments were added, for a total of nine.

  • Camp Six Clans.png Six Clans (シックスクラン), the six prominent clans of the Grassland as depicted in Suikoden III.
  • Camp Holy Harmonia.png Holy Kingdom of Harmonia (ハルモニア神聖国), the quasi-antagonists of Suikoden III, who also appear in Suikoden II.
  • Camp Zexen Federation.png Zexen Federation (ゼクセン連邦), the long-standing rivals of the Grassland from Suikoden III.

The third volume booster pack release for Genso Suikoden Card Stories II introduced two more camp alignments, both from Suikoden.

The final booster pack for the game introduced four Suikoden IV-orientated camp alignments, bringing the total to 15.

  • Camp Kooluk Empire.png Kooluk Empire (クールーク皇国), the antagonistic nation from Suikoden IV.
  • Camp Gaien Dukedom.png Gaien Dukedom (ガイエン公国), the long-standing rivals of Kooluk from Suikoden IV.
  • Camp Island Nations.png The Island Nations (群島諸国), an archipelago of small, independent island countries featured in Suikoden IV.
  • Camp Pirates.png Pirates (海賊), sea bandits which sail the seas looking for ships to plunder in Suikoden IV.
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