Knights of Gaien

Marine knight order based in Razril

The Knights of Gaien (ガイエン海上騎士団, Gaien Kaijō Kishi-dan, Gaien Marine Knights) are a knightly order in Suikoden IV. They are the organization the hero and his companions belong to at the beginning of the game.


The Knights of Gaien were a naval order based on the island of Razril, an island of the Dukedom of Gaien. The organization was responsible for the protection of waters surrounding Razril. This would most frequently mean the subduing of pirates in the area and the escort of ships traversing their waters.

In the past, when Gaien held a greater focus on its eastern waters, the Knights of Gaien had fought in several conflicts against the Kooluk Empire. The year 299 (solar calendar) saw the knights, as part of the greater Gaien navy, suffer a catastrophic defeat against the Kooluk navy at El-Eal Fortress. This defeat would effectively end Gaien ambitions on its eastern waters.

At the beginning of the Island Liberation War, the order was commanded by Glen Cott. However, as the group relied on its funding from Lord Vingerhut, the Lord of Razril, Commander Glen would often find he could not ignore Vingerhut's influences and wishes as regards the knight's activities or membership.

Following Glen's death, the Knights of Gaien would be led by Lord Vingerhut's son, Snowe. Under Snowe's direction the order would collaborate with their Kooluk occupiers until the liberation of the island later in the war. Following this, the remaining order would ally with their liberators.

With Razril declaring its independence following the war and the formation of the Island Nations Federation, the Knights of Gaien would be disbanded and reformed, this time as the Knights of Razril.


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