Reclusive youth and Escape Talisman waster
トラヴィス, Toravuisu
108 Stars Tensyo Star²

Illustration Kawano Junko
Gender Male
Race Human
Age 22 (S4)
Birth Year SY 286
Height 185cm (6'1") (S4)
Voice Makino Hideki (S4)
Appears in

Travis (トラヴィス, Toravuisu) is a supporting character in Suikoden IV. He is a quite youth who would prefer nothing more to being left alone.


This ship has too many people... Isn't there anywhere I can be alone?

—  Travis
Don't make me do this.

Travis was a youth found standing at the mound with the Rune of Punishment had once been kept at the rear of the Ruins of Obel. Although a tall and handsome man, he was painfully quiet and had apparently secluded himself in the ruins in order to take advantage of its solitude.

When he was approached by the leader of the Headquarters Ship, Travis would ask him to show him the proper use of an Escape Talisman, sending the hero out of the ruins and out of Travis' hair. Once the hero made his way back, however, Travis would agree to join his forces as an apology for his trickery.

Despite his constant desire to be alone, he did hold a fondness for Nay-Kobolds, eulogizing over how fluffy they were. He also enjoyed the food aboard ship, pestering Pam for the recipe to her buns without success.

Once the Island Liberation War concluded, Travis would quickly grow tired of the hectic pace of town life and would return to the ruins in order to continue his isolation, this time as an official manager of the Ruins of Obel.



Following the For Obel's Freedom naval battle, talk to Travis in Ruins of Obel - Clearing and use an Escape Talisman when requested. Return and speak with Travis again and he will join you.

Genso Suikoden Card Stories TCG

Card # Name Type Release
CS2-726 Travis Free CS2 Booster Pack Vol.4


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