Vaguely clairvoyant tea-drinking friend of Oskar
デボラ, Debora
108 Stars Chiyu Star⁴

Illustration Kawano Junko
Gender Female
Race Human
Age 60 (S4)
Birth Year SY 248
Height 159cm (5'3") (S4)
Appears in

Deborah (デボラ, Debora) is a supporting character in Suikoden IV. Deborah is a stately woman who possesses some degree of clairvoyant talents.


There are lots of people with interesting futures. Was it you that drew them here?

—  Deborah
Debroah spies a boy with a special fate.

Deborah was a woman who possessed a strange ability to "see" the intangibles of fate surrounding a person, giving her a talent for fortune-telling. Her abilities were not outright future sight. She could, however, "see" people who would impact a person, both past, present and future. This talent was something she always had.

She also possessed an impeccably graceful demeanor and could be found spending much of her time in Middleport, enjoying tea and spending time with her close friend, Oskar. When the leader of the Headquarters Ship came to Middleport, Deborah became interested in the aura surrounding the youth and so would volunteer to join the crew, using her give for foresight to offer advice when she could, helping him to recruit even more fellows to his cause.

Following the Island Liberation War, she and Oskar would return to Middleport, continuing their lives of quiet gossip and friendship.



After defeating the Moving Isle as part of the plot, speak to Debroah in the Middleport inn and she will join you.

Genso Suikoden Card Stories TCG

Card # Name Type Release
CS2-754 Deborah CS2 Booster Pack Vol.4


  • She has a habit of calling the hero "Little Hero" (Hero-chan in Japanese), with Hero being whatever name you gave to the main character.


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