Headquarters Ship

Flagship of the Allied Forces
It was a very big boat.

The Headquarters Ship (本拠地船, Honkyochi-sen) is an ocean-fearing vessel in Suikoden IV. It is the home base of the protagonist's forces.


This enormous ship was built to hold a large crew and number of soldiers. It was designed and built by the shipwright Tov on the orders of Lino En Kuldes, King of Obel.

As the vessel was so large, it had a difficult time evading Rune Cannon fire from enemy vessels, though its large size and frame also made it very durable. It also held three Rune Cannon ports on both port and starboard sides, making it a formidable counterattacker when orientated correctly. Its hull could be enhanced with Ocean Rune Pieces increasing its durability further.

The ship had five decks in total. The first deck held quarters for priority crew, such as the hero, the Obel royal family, and strategist Elenor Silverberg. The second deck contained the operations room. The third deck contained a host of facilities and shops. The fourth deck held the general crew quarters, and the fifth deck were where the Rune Cannons were stored.


Headquarters 2
Kasios playing his lyre.gif

The Headquarters Ship has two themes in Suikoden IV, appropriately named "Headquarters 1" and "Headquarters 2". The first theme plays while the headquarters is still established within the Kingdom of Obel and is song 25 on disc 1 of the Genso Suikoden IV Original Soundtrack.

The second headquarters theme plays once the Headquarters Ship leaves Obel and becomes the flagship of the Allied Forces. This theme is song 1 on disc 2 of the same album.



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