Ruins of Obel

Ruins that once housed the Rune of Punishment

The Ruins of Obel (オベル遺跡, Oberu Iseki) are a location which appear in Suikoden IV and Suikoden Tactics. It is located in the Kingdom of Obel.


The front entrance of the Ruins of Obel.

These ruins, which lay to the west of the Obel Royal Palace, once housed the Rune of Punishment, one of the 27 True Runes. The ruin's interior is a labyrinthine nest of corridors, making it extremely difficult to navigate without the help of a guide.

In the deepest portion of the ruins lay an open area. There was a grave which once contained the Rune of Punishment, which had ravaged the island in the past and had remained attached to the last survivor for some time.

In the past, the King of Obel had forbidden people from visiting the ruins due to the presence of a guardian who would eliminate any intruders. When the bearer of the Rune of Punishment was allowed to visit the ruins, he and his party were attacked by the guardian and were almost killed.


Ruins, first segment

  1. Exit to Obel Royal Palace
  2. Treasure chest (Thunder Amulet)
  3. Treasure chest (5,000 potch)
  4. Treasure chest (Magic Hand)
  5. Treasure chest (One-Piece Dress)
  6. Angel Hairball treasure chest (Golden Hammer)
  7. Exit to Ruins, second segment

Ruins, second segment

  1. Exit to Ruins, first segment
  2. Treasure chest (Window Set 2)
  3. Treasure chest (Mega Medicine)
  4. Treasure chest (Mushroom x3, Mega Medicine x3, Escape Talisman)
  5. Treasure Map


Early game

Enemy Units
Name LV HP Potch Drop
Jellyman 24 155 450 Antitoxin
Unicorn 23 153 420 Unicorn's Horn
Stone of Speed
Angel Hairball 40 3000 10000 Stone of Speed
Giant Bird's Feather
Guard 32 1500 1000 Platinum
Good Luck Cat
Guard 32 2000 1500 Iron Hammer

Late game

Enemy Units
Name LV HP Potch Drop
Armored Wolf 49 600 1600 Bone
Golem 50 5000 10000 Platinum
Skeleton 50 450 1800 Bone
Pot of Obel
Unicorn Zombie 51 600 1700 Unicorn's Horn
Stone of Magic
Killer Golem 55 12000 30000 Platinum


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