Newspaper reporter and aspiring author
ぺロー, Perō
108 Stars Chiyou Star
Illustration Kawano Junko
Gender Male
Race Human
Age 23 (S4)
Height 168cm (5'6") (S4)
Appears in

Perrault (ぺロー, Perō) is a minor character in Suikoden IV. Perrault is a journalist as well as an aspiring author, looking to reach the masses with his work.


People with problems? I-If there's anyone like that, let me know right away! I'm hurting for good topics lately, so please!

—  Perrault
Extra, extra! Hair gel stock soars!

Perrault was a journalist who wished to entertain and help the masses with his work. Although he could be slightly nervous, he was also a bright young man with a flourishing sense of curiosity.

He was staying at the Nay-Kobold Settlement on Nay Island when he met the leader of the Headquarters Ship and decided to produce a newspaper on board the ship. This newspaper would cover a variety of topics from news to light entertainment and even fiction. However, his serialized novel, Madame Depression, proved to be quite unpopular leaving him very depressed himself.

Following the Island Liberation War, he would move to the Kingdom of Obel in order to write articles on the Island Nations.



Perrault (S4 PS2 portrait).png After gaining access to the Obel Ship, speak to Perrault inside one of the buildings in the Nay-Kobold Settlement on Nay Island.


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