Inventive creator of the games Ritapon and Ritaland
リタ, Rita
108 Stars Chikei Star¹
Gender Female
Race Human
Age 13 (S4)
15 (ST)
Height 155cm (5'1") (S4)
Voice Aiko Ōno (S4)
Appears in

Rita (リタ, Rita) is a supporting character in Suikoden IV and Suikoden Tactics. She is an ambitious and excitable young woman and the creator of the games, Ritapon! and Ritaland!.


Um, I'm always really earnest... And always neat... Ummm... and also, I like puffer fish with sashimi!

—  Rita

Rita was a young enthusiast of games who developed her very own creation called Ritapon!, a game designed for competitive play with others. Eager to showcase her invention, Rita encountered the hero during a chance meeting on Na-Nal Island. She promptly challenged the hero to a match, but was defeated. As a consequence, she agreed to join the hero's journey by boarding the Headquarters Ship as a form of payment.

Despite being the creator of Ritapon!, Rita was not particularly skilled at playing the game. Her misfortunes extended beyond her defeat against the hero, as she often found herself on the losing end when facing Noah in matches, leading to great frustration. Moreover, in one instance, Rita resorted to cheating during a game against Rakgi in order to evade defeat, though she later came to regret her actions.

Always enthusiastic about challenging the hero to games, Rita formed strong bonds with both Noah and Rene, sharing their admiration for their commander. Before the final assault on El-Eal Fortress, Rita and her friends Noah and Rene presented the hero with an amulet they crafted together.

Following the conclusion of the Island Liberation War, Rita set her sights on creating a new game, driven by the desire to earn more potch. Seeking test players for her yet-to-be-named game, she sought the assistance of the Quest Guild. Kyril, a member of the guild, agreed to playtest it with her in Razril, resulting in Rita's defeat. In turn, she pledged to aid Kyril in his journey.

Throughout her adventure, Rita reunited with old acquaintances, such as Millay, Noah, and Rene, while also forming a new friendship with Corselia, the Princess of the Kooluk Empire. Ever eager to promote her new game to her friends, Rita often emerged victorious in their matches. Her passion for gaming and her friendships enriched her experiences during the journey.



Keen You have done well by coming here. In this room, you may confess what is in your heart and accept proper judgement.
Rita Oookkkaaaayy.
Keen Would you secretly inform me about anyone onboard this ship who you think is causing problems?
Rita Hmm...Mr. Lazlo!! Because I want him to play more matches with me! Well, I can understand that he's busy, too...
Keen Then, would you tell me what you think of yourself?
Rita What? Me? Um, I'm always really earnest...And always neat...Ummm...and also, I like puffer fish sashimi! I think that's about it...
Keen Finally, quietly confess the things you wish to atone for, or all the things that you are thankful for.
Rita Umm...The other day, when I played Ritapon with Rakgi, I cheated a little...I only did it because I just couldn't lose against Rakgi! But that was wrong...I've decided I'll play fair and square next time.
Rita Yaaay! I did it, I did it! Later!
Rita ...!! That hurt!! I won't give up over something like this!!


Rita (S4 PS2 portrait).png After gaining access to the Obel Ship, speak to Rita inside the inn on Na-Nal Island. Agree to play her in Ritapon! and reduce her points total to 3,000 or less and she will join you.


A Match With Rita
Kasios playing his lyre.gif

Rita's theme in Suikoden IV is the song "Ritapon". The song is played during Ritapon! games against Rita both on Na-Nal Island and aboard the Headquarters Ship. It is song 16 on disc 2 of the Genso Suikoden IV Original Soundtrack.

In Suikoden Tactics, the song appears in a remixed form as "A Match With Rita" during the player's encounter with Rita as part of her new game, Ritaland!. This song is track 27 on disc 1 of the Rhapsodia Original Soundtrack.



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