Nervous assistant to Princess Flare
デスモンド, Desumondo
108 Stars Chisu Star

Illustration Kawano Junko
Gender Male
Race Human
Age 30 (S4)
Birth Year SY 278
Height 180cm (5'11") (S4)
Voice Okabayashi Fumihiro (S4)
Appears in

Desmond (デスモンド, Desumondo) is a supporting character in Suikoden IV. Desmond is the assistant to Princess Flare and a statesman working under Setsu in the Kingdom of Obel.


Please take care of Lady Flare. After all, she is Obel's princess.

—  Desmond

Desmond served as an assistant to Flare in her position as Princess of Obel. Although skittish and nervous, the polite and serious Desmond was a man who would tackle any task given to him with hard work and dedication.

As Flare's assistant, he accompanied her on her patrols of Obel's waters, and it was on one of those patrols that he would first meet the exiled hero. Noticing a rune on his left hand, Desmond would examine it and discover that it was, in fact, the Rune of Punishment. This would lead to the group returning to Obel and meeting with King Lino En Kuldes.

Loyal to Flare and the Kingdom of Obel, he was one of the first people to join the crew of the Headquarters Ship. During the Island Liberation War, he would develop a strong crush on Louise, often visiting her in the ship's saloon. He would become jealous of Ornan, worried that he had similar feelings for her, even writing a letter complaining to that effect.

After the war, he because depressed for a time after Louise vanished but recommitted himself to his stately duties under Setsu.



Joins automatically once you obtain your headquarters in the Kingdom of Obel.

Genso Suikoden Card Stories TCG

Card # Name Type Release
CS2-690 Desmond Commoner CS2 Booster Pack Vol.4


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