Deserted Island

Small island located in the central Island Nations

The Deserted Island (無人島, Mujintō), also known as Hero Island (主人公島, Shujinkō Shima), with 'Hero' being the name given to the protagonist, and Chiepoo Island (チープー島, Chīpū Shima) is a location which appears in Suikoden IV and Suikoden Tactics. It is a small island located in the central Island Nations.


This deserted island was located in the center of the Island Nations, far from any inhabited islands. As such, its was untouched and fully covered by nature. Its beautiful sandy beaches and dense jungles, as well as an underground lake, also meant the island was inhabitable.

This would prove vital when the hero, his friends, and Chiepoo would end up shipwrecked on this island for a time, following their exile from Razril. The underground lake, found at the back of the cave extending from the beach, was where the hero would meet Lilin.

Following the Island Liberation War, the mermaid siblings would return to the Deserted Island. Chiepoo would also journey to the island, using it as the base of operations for Chiepoo & Co., his business concern. The island would become increasingly named after the hero, due to the events of the Island Liberation War, whereas Chiepoo would attempt to popularize the name "Chiepoo Island" to limited success.


Early game

Enemy Units
Name LV HP Potch Drop
Giant Bat 16 96 400 Leather
Wind Rune Piece
Pearl Crab 15 77 340 Pearl
Wild Crab 17 90 380 Shell
Boss Crab 36 1300 1000 Crab Bun
Giant Crab's Shell

Late game

Enemy Units
Name LV HP Potch Drop
Dry Fly 42 500 1200 Wind Rune Piece
Golden Wing 42 650 1300 Leather
Lightning Rune Piece
Moss Behemoth 45 2000 2700 Horn
Earth Rune Piece
Queen Sprout 46 3000 8000 Silk
Fire Rune Piece
Savage Frog 44 2300 2800 Frog's Skin
Water Rune Piece
Ancient Crab 50 12000 25000 Giant Crab's Shell
Fire Rune Piece


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