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The Grassland (グラスランド, Gurasurando) is a large region that is the focus of Suikoden III. It is also mentioned or explored in Suikoden II and Genso Suikogaiden Vol.2.


Grassland is mainly located to the north west of the Dunan Republic. The Tinto Republic lies to its south while the western coast is the domain of the Zexen Federation, generally considered to be within Grassland geographically if distinct socially. To the north east lies the Holy Kingdom of Harmonia. It is made up of dry, wide plains, making it inhospitable and harsh for those who dwell there. Despite this these plains are ripe for development and because of this, and the regions location, the land has been coveted by various nations, resulting in several wars over the years.

In the far north, the Grassland is stopped by a mountain range and a series of lakes.


The Grassland is a wilderness that is spread west from the Tinto Republic as well as the Matilda Knightdom, all the way to the eastern fringes of the Zexen Federation in the west. Many self-governing tribes are dotted throughout the expanse, having resided in the region since ancient times. These communities include the Karaya Clan, led by Lucia as well as organisations such as the Kamaro Alliance of Free Knights. There are also tribes comprised of non-human races, such as the Duck Clan and Lizard Clan. The most influential of these clans make up the Six Clans, which functions akin to an informal alliance that engages in diplomacy and war with surrounding nations on occasion.

The vast plains of the Grassland make it extremely appealing to neighbouring countries and in the past is has been attacked by both Tinto City and the Holy Kingdom of Harmonia. However, each invader generally has problems overcoming both the harsh environment as well as the resistance of the native tribes there. SY 425 saw a massive Harmonian invasion of the region repelled only by the efforts of the Fire Bringer and their leader, the Flame Champion. As such, the Flame Champion's name is passed down as the saviour of the Grassland.

Comprised of vast, dry plains, the region has no main industry as such but is a prominent location as far as trade routes go due to its position as an axis between three nations. These trade routes stretch from the Zexen Federation in the west to Muse City in the east. Tribes generally looted neighbours and trade caravans (save those who have paid for their protection). These actions were barely tolerated but it was felt that this fragile balance is in danger of collapsing, eventually leading to war between the Six Clans and Zexen in 465.

Following the ceasefire that ended the conflict, Grassland looting expeditions had died down but this has done little to dissuade Zexen from looking down on the Grasslanders as barbarians. As such, skirmishes would continue into the region leading into the War of the Champions in 475. That war saw the Six Clans go to war with the Zexen Federation, only for the two to be pushed into alliance due to the invasion of the region by the Holy Kingdom of Harmonia.


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