Roland Lesaurus

Solemn elven member of Zexen's Six Mighty Knights
Roland Lesaurus
ロラン・レザウルス, Roran Rezaurusu
108 Stars Chiin Star¹

Illustration Ishikawa Fumi
Gender Male
Race Elf
Age 26 (elf years), 39 (human years) (S3)
Birth Year SY 437
Height 205cm (6'9") (S3)
Appears in

Roland Lesaurus (ロラン・レザウルス, Roran Rezaurusu) is a supporting character in Suikoden III. Roland is one of the Six Mighty Zexen Knights.


The only elf among the six renowned Zexen Knights.

—  Roland's profile

Roland was the only archer and elf in the Zexen Knights, making him a unique asset for the group. Both his loyalty to the Zexen Knights and his skill with a bow were without parallel. It is said he was more loyal to the order as a whole than to Chris Lightfellow as Knight Commander. As an archer, he preferred to wear armor that offers him some mobility.

His history before joining the Zexen Knights is shrouded in mystery as he did not talk much about his past. It is known that Roland was one of a number of mercenaries hired by the Zexen Knights in the past and would eventually join the organization thanks to the strong recommendation of Captain Galahad. Galahad's recommendation was needed due to opposition against the idea of an elf joining the ranks of the Zexen Knights.

He tended not to speak unless necessary but when he did, his words carried weight, perhaps because his elven longevity allowed him to consider the big picture in situations. Despite his aloofness, he held no particular prejudice against humans. He was also not without humor or warmth despite his cold exterior.

He may come off as harsh to people but that is because he felt a Zexen Knight should project authority and he enforced that same discipline on himself. This was the case when he interrupted Hugo as he tried to approach Chris Lightfellow at Brass Castle. He was not a natural leader, but his strict and cool temperament made him highly trusted by his comrades and he trusted them in turn.

When the Six Clans attacked the Zexen Knights at the outbreak of the War of the Champions, Roland's collected nature allowed him to realize that the group needed to retreat before they were surrounded, even before the attack was launched. His composure also stopped Borus from attacking the enemy lines blindly, allowing Salome's plan to be implemented and succeed.

Roland would continue to dutifully fight alongside his fellow knights throughout the conflict. Aligned with the Fire Bringer later in the war, Roland would spend time with Nei. The two got along, being the only elves in the force. Following the war, ever loyal Roland continued to serve the Zexen Knights for the rest of his life.

Genso Suikoden Card Stories TCG

Card # Name Type Release
434 Roland Commoner Booster Pack Vol.3
CS2-067 Roland Commoner CS2 Booster Pack Vol.1


  • Roland's weapon names Night Bow, Moon Bow and Elfin Bow are the same as Sylvina's in Suikoden.


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