Precocious Karayan youth and friend of Hugo
ルル, Ruru
Gender Male
Race Human
Age 12 (S3)
Birth Year SY 464
Height 155cm (5'1") (S3)
From Karaya Village
Family Luce (mother)
At least 2 older brothers (deceased)
Appears in

Lulu (ルル, Ruru) is a supporting character in Suikoden III. Lulu is the precocious best friend of Hugo.


A Karaya, Lulu is Hugo's best friend and wears the courageous smile of bold youth.

—  Lulu's profile


Lulu is a Karayan youth with brown skin, black and red hair, and bright blue eyes. His red hair is not dyed and, much like Hugo, is a remnant of his ancestry and is viewed as a blessing by the Karaya.

Lulu wears light Karayan-styled clothing, including short pants, a rarity among the Karaya, as he enjoyed running around in the fields and plains. His bracelets are purple, and his neck accessories were the same color.


A bright, lively child filled with curiosity, he is well-liked by everyone and was raised with a lot of love and affection. Unlike his mother, he did not shy away from the sight and smell of iron, finding his brothers' sacrifice a point of great pride rather than sadness.

Lulu wields a jambiya shorter and thinner than those of other Karaya due to his youth. Lulu named his weapon "Sut", which means "Son". The name was given by Lulu to express his desire to fight alongside his deceased brothers.

Lulu holds his weapon backward in order to emphasize the speed with which he could strike. His use of a Sword of Cyclone Rune also emphasizes his focus on speed in battle. He is a fast runner and one of his boasts is that he is even faster than Hugo, who is three years older than him. In truth, the two often trade victories when they race but Lulu's determination means he wins slightly more often.


So what? I'm not afraid of any ironhead! Hmph!

—  Lulu
Lulu's mother Luce was very protective of Lulu.

Lulu was the loving son of Luce and a close friend of Hugo since childhood. His older brothers had all previously died in battle with the Zexen Federation, prompting Lulu's desire to become a full-fledged warrior as soon as possible. Like Hugo, he trained in fighting from Sgt. Joe but was not as dutiful as Hugo as he was younger, mischievous, and more prone to slacking off.

Before the outbreak of the War of the Champions, he accompanied Hugo, Sgt. Joe, and Fubar to Vinay del Zexay as part of a peace delegation. Wanting to be recognized as a warrior and bring pride to his mother, he insisted on accompanying the group to help protect his home.

He was vehemently distrustful of the Zexen Knights, having lost his brothers in wars against them. As a result, he felt uncomfortable in Zexen, especially after the frosty reaction he received from bumping into Louis Keeferson in Brass Castle, and frustrated by their reception from the Zexen Council, feeling slighted and disrespected.

Still, he was friendly with the Zexen children Melville, Alanis and Elliot, holding no animosity towards them, and accompanied them on their investigation of the North Cavern. Seeing something of himself in the three St. Loa Knights, he enjoyed helping to battle the bandits in the cavern as a proud Karayan.

Lulu confronts Chris in the burning Karaya Village.

Forced to escape Vinay del Zexay due to the outbreak of the war, Lulu and his companions managed to pass through Brass Castle despite Lulu's inability to keep calm, thanks to a forgotten hidden passage. Returning home, Lulu realized that the Zexen Knights had attacked the Karaya Village.

Running on ahead, Lulu would come across Chris Lightfellow near the burning ruins of his home and, convinced that his mother had been killed, pulled out his dagger and attacked. Chris would quickly strike out before Lulu could land his blow, killing him instantly.

He would be buried by Hugo and Sgt. Joe in the ruins of the Karaya Village without proper rites, due to the urgency of the situation.



Lulu joins automatically at the beginning of Hugo Chapter 1.
Level Gender
10 Male

Battle bonds

Battle Behavior
Ease to Anger Difficult
Movement Short-range
Battle AI Attack-minded warrior
Unite Attack
1 ' w/ This character has no Unite attack


Starting Equipment
Head Cap
Body Light armor
Shield --
Other --
Rune No rune attached
Equipment Type
Head Feather Band
Body Damaged Leather
Shield Can't equip
Other Sandals
Lunch Box 4


Magic Compatability
Fire Water Earth
Lightning Wind Gate
Sword Jonguleur Shield
Rune Slots
Head Never available
Right Hand Sword of Cyclone Rune
Left Hand Level 35
Weapon Never available


Free Skill Slots Locked Skill Slots
This character has 4 open skill slots. This character has 1 locked skill slots.

Physical Skills

Skill Name Level Begin Potential Max
Swing 1 D B B+
Accuracy C B
Damage C B
Heavy Damage
Continual Attack 15 E B B+
Skill Name Level Begin Potential Max
Repel 1 D B B+
Shield Protect
Armor Protect
Adrenaline Power D C
Holy Dash B B+
Fighting Spirit

Magic Skills

Skill Name Level Begin Potential Max
Fire Magic D C
Water Magic D C
Wind Magic C B
Earth Magic C B
Lightning Magic D C
Shield Magic
Blinking Magic
Pale Gate Magic
Skill Name Level Begin Potential Max
Sword of Magic C B
Magic Repel
Magic Resistance B B+
Magic Rationing
Chanting Volume
Chanting Purity


Stat Grades
Stat Growth Rate
1 20 12 12 13 13 12 13 12
20 170 60 60 68 68 60 75 51
60 410 128 128 146 146 128 163 108
99 500 150 150 170 170 150 190 130


LV 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16
ATK 6 18 29 41 60 70 80 90 100 110 135 144 153 162 171 180
Name Sut Sutra Alma Sutra
W Type W Level Range
One-handed sword N/A Short

Genso Suikoden Card Stories TCG

Card # Name Type Release
431 Lulu Commoner Booster Pack Vol.3
CS2-064 Lulu Commoner CS2 Booster Pack Vol.1
Non-character cards depicting this character
462 Departure Mission Booster Pack Vol.3
464 Escape Vinay del Zexay Mission Booster Pack Vol.3



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