Easy-going gambler...?
マイク, Maiku
108 Stars Chisu Star
Gender Male
Race Human
Age 26 (S3)
Height 178cm (5'10") (S3)
Appears in

Mike (マイク, Maiku), also called Leonard (レナード, Renādo), is a supporting character in Suikoden III. Mike is a mysterious figure whose unassuming personality appears to be covering darker motives.


Card game-loving free spirit. His light-hearted smiles, even when meaningless, make him popular among the inhabitants of the castle.

—  Mike's profile
Yay, let's play Kabu... of sinister hidden motives!

Mike appears to be a fine young man with an unassuming look who describes himself as a humble arms-dealer but under that smiling face he is a different man with a hidden dark, mysterious nature to him. In fact, Mike is unlikely to be his real name.

He joined the Fire Bringer after losing a game of Kabu to the group in Caleria. Although it appeared like a chance meeting, it seems like Mike had been waiting to encounter the Fire Bringer there.

At Budehuc Castle, his calm, gentle nature made him popular but even there, there were clues towards a darker nature, such as when he would threaten to kick Koroku under his breath. Rumored to have connections with a secret, foreign organization, he could be spotted sometimes having secret meetings with a group dressed all in black, the members of which salute him. He and Watari also seemed to hold some connection with each other.

As soon as the war ended, Mike disappeared in the night with the mysterious figures he had been meeting, his true identity and motives remaining a mystery.



Win 20,000 potch from Mike in a game of Kabu. He is located at Caleria's trading post.
Level Gender
This character does not gain levels Male


Support Skills

Skill Name Level Begin Potential Max
Potch Finder
Treasure Hunt
Skill Name Level Begin Potential Max
Bujutsu Teacher
Rune Sage C
Trade In C



  • If you talk to Mike in Caleria during Luc's chapter, he introduces himself as an armorer named Leonard.
  • An NPC in Caleria will describe Mike as a "detective" he lost a card game to.


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