Augustine Nabor

Narcissist and wielder of the Red Rose Rune
Augustine Nabor
オーギュスタン・ナボール, Ōgyusutan Nabōru
108 Stars Chichin Star
Gender Unknown
Race Human
Age 34 (S3)
Birth Year SY 442
Height 180cm (5'11") (S3)
Appears in

Augustine Nabor (オーギュスタン・ナボール, Ōgyusutan Nabōru) is a supporting character in Suikoden III. He is an aristocrat who bears the Red Rose Rune and prizes his Rose Brooch.


An aristocrat of unknown sex, with a stunning attack to which all surviving enemies will attest.

—  Augustine's profile


Augustine had long blond hair, tied into a loose pony tail that extended back his shoulders and blue eyes. He was often seen carrying a red rose in his right hand.

Compared to his fellow narcissists, Augustine wore a more understated outfit consisting of a light blue vest, black hat (with a blue band), and black pants with brown boots. His white shirt and scarf were also key elements of his outfit, keeping the overall presentation refined and preventing it from becoming too drab.

This combination of clothing and appearance in turn created a sophisticated and stylish image that was nonetheless elegant in its simplicity.


Elegant and a lover of all things beautiful, Augustine was very particular about fashion and appearance. According to his own words, he is proud of his moustache and prize Rose Brooch, as well as his gorgeous and artistic swordsmanship. It is in part his swordsman's spirit that endeared Vincent de Boule to him as a veteran of the Gate Rune and Dunan Unification Wars.

He would often introduce himself with a wink, being confident in his own charm and irresistible nature. Part of the reason he agreed to join the Fire Bringer was because he genuinely believed the group would simply not give up on recruiting him after recognizing his noble aura and swordsmanship.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, Augustine also tended to get lost in his own world at times, not noticing when people were talking to him, unless it was about a subject he was already invested in.


*furiously swipes right*

Augustine is a person from the former Scarlet Moon Empire who loves nobility as well as elegance of beauty. Six years ago, Augustine was also a recipient of a Rose Brooch, an award at Vincent de Boule's beauty contest and the two became "true friends". He had then set out on a journey of sorts, giving the world the privilege of witnessing his stylish swordplay and attention-grabbing outfit.

Six months before the War of the Champions, Augustine would visit Vinay del Zexay and would become so enamored with the vast beauty of the western ocean that he stayed there for over half a year, merely taking in the sea view daily.

Once the war broke out, Augustine joined the Fire Bringer out of gratitude after they recovered the prized Rose Brooch he had misplaced during his travels. His elegant and artistic sword skills lent themselves well to the cause, as did his Red Rose Rune. He was very proud of his appearance and had a slight obsession with removing split ends.

Augustine was also very fond of the Suggestion Box, writing several letters to the Flame Champion offering his fashion advice, invites for afternoon, or asking opinions on flowers to be delivered to the castle. It seems he was always checking out promising new associates at Budehuc Castle, such as Salome and Gordon.

Following the war, Augustine would again travel to the Toran Republic after hearing rumors of a beautiful palace there.



Speak to Augustine at the docks in Vinay del Zexay. This triggers the appearance of the Rose Brooch at the Iksay Village item shop's Rare Items list. Purchase it and return it to him.
Level Gender
+3 ?

Battle bonds

Battle Behavior
Ease to Anger Difficult
Movement Short-range
Battle AI Attack-minded warrior
Unite Attack
1 ' w/ This character has no Unite attack


Starting Equipment
Head Cap
Body Medium armor
Shield --
Other --
Rune No rune attached
Equipment Type
Head Feathered Hat
Body Custom Tunic
Shield Can't equip
Other Star Piece
Leather Pumps


Magic Compatability
Fire Water Earth
Lightning Wind Gate
Sword Jonguleur Shield
Rune Slots
Head Never available
Right Hand Red Rose Rune
Left Hand Level 44
Weapon Never available


Free Skill Slots Locked Skill Slots
This character has 3 open skill slots. This character has 3 locked skill slots.

Physical Skills

Skill Name Level Begin Potential Max
Swing C B
Accuracy 1 C B B+
Damage 1 D C B
Heavy Damage
Continual Attack
Skill Name Level Begin Potential Max
Repel 1 D B B+
Parry 1 C S S
Shield Protect
Armor Protect B B+
Adrenaline Power
Holy Dash C B
Fighting Spirit

Magic Skills

Skill Name Level Begin Potential Max
Fire Magic B B+
Water Magic C B
Wind Magic B B+
Earth Magic B B+
Lightning Magic B B+
Shield Magic
Blinking Magic
Pale Gate Magic
Skill Name Level Begin Potential Max
Sword of Magic B B+
Magic Repel
Magic Resistance B B+
Magic Rationing
Chanting Volume
Chanting Purity


Stat Grades
Stat Growth Rate
1 20 12 13 12 13 12 13 12
20 170 60 68 60 68 60 68 60
60 410 128 146 128 146 128 146 128
99 500 150 170 150 170 150 170 150


War Stats
Leader Support War Skill 1 War Skill 2
Tactics I --


LV 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16
ATK 6 18 29 41 60 70 80 90 100 110 135 144 153 162 171 180
Name Margrit Manyola Orchide
W Type W Level Range
One-handed sword N/A Short

Genso Suikoden Card Stories TCG

Card # Name Type Release
510 Augustine Free Booster Pack Vol.4
CS2-071 Augustine Free CS2 Booster Pack Vol.1


The Narcissists ~Once Again~
Main article: The Narcissists (theme)

Augustine's theme is the song "The Narcissists ~Once Again~". It is song 16 on disc 1 of the official Genso Suikoden III Original Soundtrack.



  • Considering he is already a "true friend" of Vincent de Boule and hails from the Scarlet Moon Empire, one would think he already visited the Toran Republic. His ending, however, implies he has never been there before. His ending might be a reference to the home of Milich Oppenheimer in Gregminster.
  • Augustine can reach S level in his unique Parry skill.
  • Augustine shows questionable taste in his letter about Kenji having some sort of skill that he too must pursue.
  • Augustine is the first user of the Red Rose Rune in the chronology of released titles, however, in the in-game chronology, he is the last known user.


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