Kobold storekeeper at Budehuc Castle
ムト, Muto
108 Stars Chison Star
Gender Male
Race Kobold
Age 22 (kobold years), 18 (human years) (S3)
Birth Year SY 458
Height 185cm (6'1) (S3)
From Budehuc Castle, Zexen Federation
Appears in

Muto (ムト, Muto) is a supporting character in Suikoden III. Muto is the affable Kobold warehouse keeper at Budehuc Castle.


A Kobold warehouse keeper. He is forgetful but jolly.

—  Muto's profile


Muto is a tall, blond-haired kobold. He has a large scar on his head, between his eyes. He has large brown eyes and a black nose. His ears are long and flop downwards.

He wears an orange sweater with a large blue stripe decorated with bones. Over this he wears a one-armed overall and blue workman chaps with brightly colored pockets. He also wears a blue hat with a yellow stripe, as well as brown boots.


Muto is a very kind and pure-hearted young kobold. Though he always works hard, he often makes mistakes when depositing items in the warehouse. This does not stop people from trusting him however and he is a very popular and well-liked worker at the castle.

He struggles with writing complicated words, so he usually writes simple letters when he can. He also has trouble reading and is sometimes seen struggling over the wall newspaper at Budehuc Castle.

Muto is also incredibly honest, always speaking his mind openly and kindly while taking people at their word. He is sometimes easily confused, such as when Thomas, the castle master, was looking for Thomas, the young boy of the same name.


I have nowhere to go if I lose the woof over my head!

—  Muto

Muto was a young Kobold possessed with a gentle innocence who maintained the warehouse at Budehuc Castle.

Gosh, you're such a little snitch.

He had a sad past and was abandoned at the castle as a puppy. Since then, he has lived and worked there, seeing the castle as the only home that had ever accepted him. As he had no relatives, the people of the castle were his precious family.

When Thomas became lord of Budehuc Castle, Muto was one of his strongest supporters. On the night before Thomas was due to be removed from his position, Muto stayed up repairing the walls of the castle without being asked. Although he knew Thomas could be removed, Muto sincerely hoped it would not come to pass and simply wished to do his best for Thomas's sake.

With Muto, Thomas, and the others finally stopped the Zexen Council's attack, Muto hugged everyone, sobbing with relief. He would continue to do his best for the castle and went on to work for the Fire Bringer throughout the War of the Champions.

Following the war, he continued to work hard at Budehuc Castle, though he still often handed over the wrong goods to customers.



Muto joins automatically during Thomas Chapter 1.
Level Gender
This character does not gain levels Male


Support Skills

Skill Name Level Begin Potential Max
Potch Finder
Treasure Hunt
Appraisal D
Skill Name Level Begin Potential Max
Bujutsu Teacher
Rune Sage
Trade In

Genso Suikoden Card Stories TCG

Card # Name Type Release
455 Muto Booster Pack Vol.3
CS2-116 Muto CS2 Booster Pack Vol.1
Non-character cards depicting this character
543 Headquarters Defense Battle Booster Pack Vol.4



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