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Group that seek to destroy a True Rune

The Destroyers (破壊者, Hakaimono) are a group in Suikoden III. Their goal is to destroy a True Rune, hence their name. Although loosely united in goal, their motivations differ.


The Legion of Doom

The Destroyers is a term used for the group led by Luc, consisting of himself, Yuber, Sarah and Albert Silverberg. Their ultimate goal was the destruction of a True Rune, an action which would have caused unprecedented destruction in the Grassland and beyond.

It was Yun who first used the term to describe the group. Although they worked together, their motivations differed greatly. For Luc, his goal was to shatter the True Wind Rune and his own soul, which was intertwined with it. Seeing the Gray World through the rune, he was determined to stop this by destroying his rune, even if it means taking the lives of many people.

Sarah fought in order to support Luc. Still, she harbored intense sense of guilt over the loss of so many lives for their cause and questioned Luc about his decisions. Nevertheless, she continued to fight alongside Luc. Yuber, meanwhile, worked alongside Luc because of the death and chaos the destruction of a True Rune would cause and also because of the war that was necessary to forward their plans.

Albert's goal was to use the power of the Holy Kingdom of Harmonia to build a united nation. He cooperated with Luc as a stepping stone to that goal. Still, when Luc felt the need to seize the True Earth Rune from Sasarai and throw away his position as a Bishop, Albert detached himself from Luc, having established himself as a strategist within Harmonia.


  • In the English language localization of Suikoden III, neither Yun, nor anyone else, uses the term. Instead, the term "destructive forces" and "those who seek to destroy [the True Rune]" are used in roughly equal measures.


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