Commander of the Budehuc Castle guard
セシル, Seshiru
108 Stars Tentai Star
Gender Female
Race Human
Age 13 (S3)
Birth Year SY 463
Height 155cm (5'1") (S3)
From Zexen Federation
Family Brown (father)
Appears in

Cecile (セシル, Seshiru) is a supporting character in Suikoden III. She is the energetic and excitable leader of the Budehuc Castle guard.


The high spirited Commander of the guards of Lake Castle.

—  Cecile's profile


Cecile is a young adolescent girl of average height. She has large blue eyes and dirty blonde hair. Under her helmet, her shoulder-length hair is tied in twin pigtails with red ribbon.

She is normally in her father's silver torso armor and helmet, with an orange plumage. The armor especially is oversized on her young frame, giving a somewhat comical appearance. She wears an orange and yellow plaid skirt with white fringe, long orange socks, and armored boots. She carries a large shield emblazoned with the Zexen crest as well as her spear.


Always full of energy and single-minded, Cecile took it upon herself to follow in the footsteps of her father, Brown, who was once the commander of Budehuc Castle's garrison, and continues to strive to fulfill her self-imposed duties, rain or shine.

Cecile is rarely discouraged in any situation and always speaks positively. She is filled with hope and a strong will to never give up. She could get nervous before battle, but her determination would see her through such obstacles.

She greatly loved her father's armor, seeing in herself the proud image of the father figure she admired so much when she wore it. She never took it off on-duty, regardless of the heat or cold. Her enthusiasm sometimes crossed the line into silliness, especially combined with the image of her wearing her father's oversized armor.

She is also a very good cook, preferring to make hot and spicy foods.


I, the commander of the guards of Budehuc Castle, will not allow Thomas to be taken!

—  Cecile

Cecile was a brave girl, filled with boundless energy who served as the gatekeeper of Budehuc Castle. She had unofficially taken over the position after the passing of her father and previous guard commander, Brown. She had grown up in the castle before her father's passing.

Yeah, no pressure

She was well aware that she was not the official commander of the castle's garrison. Still, she strove every day to protect her home, which her beloved father had similarly cherished. Accompanying the newly appointed castle lord Thomas to Brass Castle, she would be momentarily stunned when Salome Harras noted that Budehuc had no appointed garrison commander.

With Thomas' intersession and Cecile's own determination shining through, Salome would ensure she was formally appointed as the official gatekeeper, sidestepping the standard Zexen bureaucracy. Thrilled at her pure-hearted dream coming through, Cecile was able to return to Budehuc with a new sense of pride and determination.

Thrilled at her official status, Cecile dedicated herself to protecting Thomas throughout the War of the Champions and aided him in rescuing his namesake from Mt. Hei-Tou. Later, when Zexen Council troops surrounded Budehuc Castle in an attempt to forcibly remove Thomas for his position, Cecile was determined to make a stand.

Free trade for all!

This was not due to simple optimism or naivety. For Cecile, to protect the things important to her without backing down formed the core of what she truly believed in. Together, the people of Budehuc were able to prevent Thomas's removal as castle governor, securing the future of the castle further. She would continue to support Thomas when Budehuc Castle became the base of operations of the Fire Bringer.

Though a good cook, Thomas fainted when he ate Cecile's food, as he wasn't used to her taste for hot and spicy foods. She formed a friendship with Emily and often trained with her. She also became friends with Alanis, who admired her strength and kindness.

Caesar Silverberg, however, wondered if it was appropriate for Cecile, and the dogs, who later served alongside her, to work in such an important position. Although Cecile liked having the companionship of the castle dogs, she acknowledged that they were useless as gatekeepers because they did not bark when anyone approached the castle grounds.

That shield would stop anything

Cecile did write letters to Hugo on the dogs' behalf. She also wrote several letters on her own, mostly sharing how she got through the weather of the day, noting that being the guardskeeper in the rain was hard, but that she would try hard for the castle and that she didn't like cloudy days.

She once got into a confrontation with Branky, Mel's foul-mouthed puppet, and almost stabbed it with her spear. Cecile also showed admiration for Chris Lightfellow, wishing she could hurry up and mature herself.

Cecile would accompany Thomas, Sasarai, and Dios during the final battles of the war, helping to protect the Harmonian bishop at the Ceremonial Site as they raced to confront the Destroyers.

Following the war, she and her three subordinates (including young Thomas) continued to keep the peace at Budehuc Castle.



Cecile joins automatically during Thomas Chapter 1.
Level Gender
1 Female

Battle bonds

Battle Behavior
Ease to Anger Difficult
Movement Short-range
Battle AI Attack-minded warrior
Unite Attack
1 Best Effort Attack w/ Thomas


Starting Equipment
Head Helmet
Body Heavy armor
Shield Shield
Other --
Rune No rune attached


Magic Compatability
Fire Water Earth
Lightning Wind Gate
Sword Jonguleur Shield
Rune Slots
Head Never available
Right Hand War Horse Rune
Left Hand Never available
Weapon Never available


Free Skill Slots Locked Skill Slots
This character has 3 open skill slots. This character has 3 locked skill slots.

Physical Skills

Skill Name Level Begin Potential Max
Swing C B
Accuracy 1 E C B
Damage 1 E SSS A+
Heavy Damage
Continual Attack
Skill Name Level Begin Potential Max
Repel B B+
Shield Protect 1 D SSS A+
Armor Protect 1 E B B+
Adrenaline Power
Holy Dash SSS A+
Fighting Spirit 29 E B B+

Magic Skills

Skill Name Level Begin Potential Max
Fire Magic D C
Water Magic C B
Wind Magic D C
Earth Magic C B
Lightning Magic D C
Shield Magic
Blinking Magic
Pale Gate Magic
Skill Name Level Begin Potential Max
Sword of Magic C B
Magic Repel
Magic Resistance C B
Magic Rationing
Chanting Volume
Chanting Purity


Stat Grades
Stat Growth Rate
1 20 14 12 11 12 11 12 14
20 170 106 90 36 51 43 51 86
60 410 170 137 71 108 88 108 182
99 500 200 160 90 130 110 130 215


War Stats
Leader Support War Skill 1 War Skill 2
-- --


LV 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16
ATK 7 19 30 55 68 81 94 107 120 145 158 170 183 195 208 220
Name Guard Spear Guardian Angel Guard
W Type W Level Range
Spear N/A Medium

Genso Suikoden Card Stories TCG

Card # Name Type Release
515 Cecile Free Booster Pack Vol.3
CS2-081 Cecile Free CS2 Booster Pack Vol.1
CS2-342 Thomas & Cecile Free CS2 Booster Pack Vol.3
Non-character cards depicting this character
537 Garrison Duty Mission Booster Pack Vol.4
543 Headquarters Defense Battle Mission Booster Pack Vol.4
CS2-118 Find the Lost Child Mission CS2 Booster Pack Vol.1
CS2-638 Thomas & Cecile Other Remake Booster



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