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Class (種別, Shubetsu), sometimes Character Class (キャラクター種別, Kyarakutā Shubetsu), is a term used in Genso Suikoden Card Stories. Nearly all Character cards in the games are assigned a Class, which affects how, when and in what manner cards can be played. Class is the fundamental category of Character cards in the game.


Each Character card has a Class role.

  • Class Mastermind.webp Mastermind, these cards do not count towards a player's 50 card limit and only one may be assigned to a deck.
  • Class Leader.webp Leader, these cards are used to begin engagements on Mission or Facilities cards.
  • Class Commoner.webp Commoner, these cards can be linked to other cards to continue engagements and tend to be more useful on Mission cards.
  • Class Craftman.webp Craftman, these cards can also be linked to other cards to continue engagements and tend to specialise in Facilities engagements.
  • Class Free.webp Free, these cards can also be linked, they do not have Camp alignments and their specialisation can vary.
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