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Gender (性別, Seibetsu) is a term used in Genso Suikoden Card Stories. The term "gender" or "sex" is something of a misnomer, as it covers broad categories ranging from gender to robots and animals. All character cards are assigned a gender and different card effects can target specific genders for positive or negative results.


Each character card (a card from the Leader, Commoner, Craftman or Free types) is assigned a gender role.

  • Gender Male.png Male (男), generally assigned to all male sapient characters, regardless of species, such as Viktor, Gengen and Shiba.
  • Gender Female.png Female (女), generally assigned to all female sapient characters, regardless of species, such as Cleo, Sylvania and Nei.
  • Gender Mystery.png Mystery (謎), generally assigned to narcissist characters, such as Vincent, Simone and Augustine.
  • Gender Beast.png Beast (獣), generally assigned to non-sapient animal characters, such as Shiro, Mukumuku and Feather.
  • Gender Robo.png Robo (ロボ), generally assigned to artificial characters, such as Gadget and Gadget Z.
  • Gender Sword.png Sword (剣), assigned only to the Star Dragon Sword.


Certain cards carry effects that can target specific genders. For example, the Mina card can remove male characters from the field to the discard pile. In such a case, a mixture of genders would limit the damage done by this.

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