Kooluk Patriarchal Faction member and Rune Cannon researcher
イスカス, Isukasu

Illustration Kawano Junko
Gender Male
Race Human
Age 31 (ST)
Birth Year SY 279
From Kooluk Empire
Voice Fujiwara Keiji (ST)
Appears in

Iskas (イスカス, Isukasu) is the main antagonist from Suikoden Tactics. Iskas is a member of the Kooluk Empire's Patriarchal Faction with the goal of taking leadership of the Empire from the ruling Imperial Faction.


Iskas ultimately proved to be quite stoppable.

Iskas was a highly ranked member of the Patriarchal Faction, one of two major factions within the Kooluk Empire. As a member of the faction, he devised a plan to increase the influence of both Kooluk and his faction, in particular.

He would disguise himself as a merchant dealing in Rune Cannons and travel to Middleport where he would meet Kyril and would join him in investigating Warlock's laboratory. There, he was able to capture the Eye Fish, creating the Evil Eye.

His shrewd nature meant that he would use the Evil Eye in an attempt to seize the Empire by force. He would seduce Princess Miranda with the goal of becoming the regent to Miranda's daughter, Corselia, ruling from behind the scenes.

When he felt his power was at its peak, he orchestrated a coup, overthrowing Emperor Julius and Prince Martin before retreating to the Secret Patriarchal Facility. He would be betrayed by Miranda there and killed by Kyril after transforming into a fishman. It would be Iskas' destruction of the Imperial Faction as well as the havoc he wreaked on his own Patriarchal Faction which led to the collapse of the Empire he hoped to rule and make great.


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Iskas is fought as the final boss of Suikoden Tactics's Chapter 22 and thus serves as the game's penultimate boss. Iskas is fought twice in a row, first in his human form and then, following his betrayal by Miranda, as a transformed Fishman.


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