Mercenary Leader

Leader of a band of recurring enemies for Kyril
Mercenary Leader
傭兵隊長, Yōhei Taichō

Illustration Kawano Junko
Gender Female
Race Elf
Appears in

The Mercenary Leader (傭兵隊長, Yōhei Taichō) is a minor character from Suikoden Tactics. She leads a band of mercenaries and fights the player's party several times throughout the course of the game.


The Mercenary Leader was an elven commander of a troop of tough, veteran mercenaries. Her and her comrades would be hired several times by X & Co., pitting them against Kyril and his comrades who were employed by Chiepoo & Co., usually to counteract their schemes.

After being defeated by Kyril many times and growing more frustrated with each loss, eventually the Mercenary Leader would concede defeat and become his companion, bringing her soldiers along into battle.


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