Suikoden Tactics

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Suikoden Tactics

ラプソディア Rapusodeia

Suikoden Tactics cover art.png
PlayStation 2 Japanese cover art
Developer Konami
Released Sony PlayStation 2
Japan.gif September 22, 2005
United States.gif November 8, 2005
European Union.gif February 24, 2006
Australia.gif 2006
Japan.gif November 16, 2006 (KONAMI the Best)
Platforms Sony PlayStation 2
Sales Sony PlayStation 2
Japan.gif 64,472
Predecessor Suikoden IV
Successor Suikoden V

Suikoden Tactics, known as Rhapsodia (ラプソディア, Rapusodeia) in Japan, is the eighth game of the Suikoden series. It was designed and released for the Sony PlayStation 2.

Suikoden Tactics serves as a side-story to Suikoden IV, with the narrative taking place both before and after the events of Suikoden IV. The protagonist Kyril and his allies travel across the Island Nations Federation and the Kooluk Empire to seek out information on Rune Cannons, the dangerous and mysterious weapon favoured by regional powers in the area.

Reception and legacy

Rhapsodia would earn a 31/40 score from Weekly Famitsu on its release, giving the game a Silver Hall of Fame status as a result. This would tie the game with Suikoden III for the highest rated game in the Suikoden series by the magazine at the time.

Preview coverage of Suikoden Tactics overseas was sparse, but reviews for the game would begin to come in by December 2005. Electronic Gaming Monthly scored the game at 7.0, 9.0, and 6.0 out of 10. The tactical gameplay of the title was praised and while the games graphics came under criticism for its "Lego men", the story and characters were generally praised.

Official U.S. PlayStation Magazine was slightly more restrained. While also praising Suikoden Tactic's gameplay, OPM also found the game to be graphically unpleasant as well as considering the story "meandering and confusing". The game would receive a 3/5. The magazine's UK branch, Official UK PlayStation Magazine, would give the title 6/10, noting that it held some nice ideas but was too filled with clichés to truly stand out from the crowd.


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