Overarching multiverse of the Suikoden series

The Infinity (百万世界, Hyakuman Sekai, Million Worlds) is the term used to describe the collection of infinite parallel worlds that link the Suikoden series together following Suikoden V, though references to the concept have existed since Suikoden II. It is a key plot point in Suikoden Tierkreis and Genso Suikoden Tsumugareshi Hyakunen no Toki.


The Infinity is described as the infinite number of parallel worlds that exist in the overall cosmology. The worlds can both be extremely similar when compared to one another or incredibly disparate. Overall, there can be said to be no universal recurring element.

Even the similarly infinite concept of the One King did not reach every world in the Infinity simultaneously, although if left unimpeded, would have been his ultimate goal. Meanwhile, the 108 Stars, a seemingly universal concept, has not been seen in a handful of worlds, though this may be due to a lack of hard information. Humans are also exceedingly common, but not universal.

Contact between worlds of the Infinity is extremely rare. In the World of Suikoden I-V, the Gate Rune seemed to have this ability. Dragons can also seemingly open paths to their own world in extreme circumstances. Powerful magicians such as Warlock and Simeon also could open doors to other worlds given enough time and equipment.

In other branches of the Infinity, Gateways and Corridors existed, maintained and used by the Wanderers. This made travel between Gateways in other worlds a mostly trivial matter. However, this was apparently tied intrinsically to the power of the One King and was rendered inoperable after his defeat.

Infinity as Causality Paradox Resolution

Imagine two pizzas. Or one tree.

Zephon uses the Infinity to explain the purpose and effects of time travel to the hero and Myra.

As traveling back in time to change the present removes the very impetus to travel back in time in the first place (e.g. traveling in time to save someone's life in the past means they were always alive, so you had no reason to travel back to save their life, which means they would have died, which means you would travel back, which means etc.), Zephon posits that changing the past results in worlds of the Infinity splitting further in order to preserve causality.

In this scenario, the Era Trees are presented as branches of the Infinity itself, with the True Era Tree being the actual Infinity. With the power of the 108 Stars, causality is also severed between the three time periods linked by the Era Trees, allowing each era to develop on its own path without interfering with the other at all.

Worlds of the Infinity

Compared to the concept of infinity, the number of worlds within the Infinity we have seen is quite low. However, there has still been several examples of parallel worlds in the series.

  • World of Suikoden I-V A world seemingly unique in having its existence tied to runes, with the 27 True Runes being regarded as the source of all things in the world with wars often breaking out over their fearsome power.
  • Yohn's World (ョーンの住む世界, Yōn no sumu sekai) Yohn was a humanoid of a race not seen in the World of Suikoden I-V who was brought from her world, alongside the Giant Tree, by Warlock's experiments in Middleport.
  • World of Suikoden Tierkreis This world is one of many that holds a True Chronicle and also one of many that was subjected to world fusion as part of the designs of the One King. 12 other worlds of the Infinity were fused to it.
  • Marcia?'s World A world highly similar to the World of Suikoden Tierkreis that also dealt with the 12 world fusions of the One King. It had limited contact with other worlds thanks to the use of Gateways. Named after Marica?, the Tenkai Star of that world.
  • Atrie's World A world not dissimilar to the World of Suikoden Tierkreis that also dealt with the 12 world fusions of the One King. It had limited contact with other worlds thanks to the use of Gateways. Named after Atrie, the Tenkai Star of that world.
  • World of Genso Suikoden Tsumugareshi Hyakunen no Toki Another isolated world of the Infinity. This world was dominated by the threat of the Teras Pharma and the oppressive Holy Empire of Ionia.

Former Worlds of the Infinity

Alongside those worlds already noted above, the worlds that were the victims of world fusion, destroyed and fused to another world in turn, were once their own world of the Infinity. We know of 12 of these worlds, fused to the World of Suikoden Tierkreis.

Many of these worlds in turn had world fusions performed upon them, especially those who had analogues to the Order of the One True Way operating on them.

Other Worlds of the Infinity

The multiplayer option in Suikoden Tierkreis, wherein you can send members of your force away to perform unique missions in other players games, and receive them in turn, implies an infinite number of worlds in near synchrony with the World of Suikoden Tierkreis.


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