Ancient race now vanished from the world

The Sindar (シンダル, Shindaru), localized as Cyndar in Suikoden III, are a race of people mentioned in the Suikoden series. They vanished from the world many years before the events of any game but reminders of their presence and influence remain.


The Sindar are a wandering group of legend, with their ruins spread throughout the world. Information on their history is very scarce and it is unknown where the Sindar originated from nor where or why they eventually disappeared.

According to legend, due to the curse of the Rune of Change borne on their leader's forehead, the Sindar could not settle in any one land and were doomed to wander forever, building and abandoning the ruins that remain as a testament to their culture as they moved. They were said to have traveled from the far north to the south over the ages.

The legend ends with the Sindar arriving at the Eternal City although no-one living today remembers the full details nor the location of this city. Although the Sindar had advanced construction techniques, as seen by their ruins and the traps that still function today to prevent their penetration, much is still unknown.

Some individuals, such as Killey, Lorelai, and Zweig, were noted for being "Sindar hunters", specializing in hands-on investigation of Sindar ruins and investigation.

More mysteriously, there are those who are born with the ability to sense the presence of Sindar ruins and to read and write Sindarin, although this is a very rare occurrence. There are various theories as to why this is so, including the theory that it is the power of inheritance from the ancient Sindar bloodline, the theory of super-sensitivity due to magical power, and the theory of previous lives, but the truth is shrouded in mystery.


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