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The Elevator (エレべーター or えれべーたー, Erebētā) is an invention that appears in several games of the Suikoden series. It is a type of vertical transport equipment used to move people or goods between floors of a building or vessel.


The elevator is an invention created by Sergei during the Gate Rune War. It was overlooked and seen as having little value until the leader of the Toran Liberation Army saw its usefulness and had one installed at Toran Castle. There, it connected four stories of the castle, as well as its basement. Sergei's elevator was entirely automated.

During the Dunan Unification War, Adlai would install an elevator for the New State Army at their headquarters. Adlai used the mysterious half-naked elevator barbarians to power his elevator, rather than electricity or another means of propolsion.

Years later, during the War of the Champions, Shizu would repair the elevator located at Budehuc Castle for Thomas. In addition to taking people between floors of the castle, this elevator could also take users down to a basement not accessible by foot.


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