Form of magic unique to Viki and... Viki

Teleport (テレポート, Terepōto) is the name given to a form of magic unique to Viki and her younger counterpart.


This type of teleportation magic was something Viki was very adept at. During the Gate Rune War, she would use this power to aid the Toran Liberation Army by teleporting members to any town or building that they had previously visited.

It is known that her teleport magic could occasionally fail or go awry but miraculously, there were no incidents of this nature during the Gate Rune War, although she did forget the spell a few times.

During the Dunan Unification War, Viki's teleportation magic continued to be a great help to her comrades, though there are reports that her magic went awry on occassion, sending people to unexpected locations. That said, there are no cases of anyone ever suffering serious injury or worse from Viki's mishaps.


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