Rhapsodia Final Archive

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2005 Suikoden Tactics game guide
Rhapsodia Final Archive
ラプソディアファイナルアーカイブ, Rapusodia Fainaruākaibu
Rhapsodia Final Archive.png
Dust sleeve cover
Publisher MediaWorks
Released Japan.gif December 25, 2005
ISBN 4-8402-3284-9
Price ¥1800
Pages 160

The Rhapsodia Final Archive (ラプソディアファイナルアーカイブ, Rapusodia Fainaruākaibu) is a licensed game guide book from Dengeki PlayStation, published and sold by MediaWorks in 2005.

It is a game guide book that covers world and gameplay information for Suikoden Tactics. It mainly focuses on world information, but contains gameplay and chapter guides also.


The Rhapsodia Final Archive is divided into four main sections, which begins after a brief introduction and table of contents.

  • Story (pages 3-58) - The Story section contains both World and Character sections, explaining how the world of Suikoden IV and Suikoden Tactics intersect, character information, and concept and design art.
  • Play Guide (pages 59-114) - The Play Guide runs through all the battles of the game, including optional and quest battles.
  • Data (pages 115-136) - The Data section contains item, equipment, rune, and enemy data.
  • Special (pages 137-159) - The Special section contains miscellaneous data, character rankings, dialogue from friendship and rest scenes, as well as a creator interview with the developers, including Kawano Junko.
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