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The Imperial Faction (皇王派, Sumeragiō-ha) was one of two major political groups in the Kooluk Empire during Suikoden IV and Suikoden Tactics.


Along with the Patriarchal Faction, the Imperial Faction was one of the two major political blocs in Kooluk politics. Save for high-ranking officers, only immediate members of the Imperial family could belong to this faction. Their beliefs are simply that the Emperor and the Imperial family command the Empire and need brook no insubordination from other forces.

Compared to the Patriarchal Faction, which tended to drive internal affairs, the Imperial Faction tended to drive national policy for the Empire as a whole. As the tension between the two factions grew into outright political instability, the Imperial Faction's losses in the Island Liberation War, including the death of Troy, regarded by many as the last truly great Imperial officer, laid the seeds for a coup d'etat to be planned by Iskas.

Iskas' plan would destroy the weakened Imperials but his own defeat at the hands of Kyril would leave the Empire in ruins before being dissolved by Princess Corselia.

Members of the Imperial Faction


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