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The Small Border Village (国境の小さな村, Kokkyō no Chīsana Mura) is a location in Suikoden Tactics. It is a small settlement located near the Kooluk-Scarlet Moon border.


Located on the border between the Scarlet Moon Empire and the Kooluk Empire, this nameless village holds no great fondness for either power, with their border skirmishes having razed the village time and again.

A forest located near the village serves as a back route to crossing the border undetected. This access point is used by those who would import and sell contraband foods from the Scarlet Moon Empire in Kooluk. Those who are involved in the smuggling trade can lead a satisfactory life in the village, paying off Kooluk soldiers to look the other way.

During the last days of the Kooluk Empire, a number of Rune Cannons were set up at this settlement to form a deterrent against Scarlet Moon, but these cannons were destroyed by Kyril and his companions.


Small Border Village
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The Small Border Village's theme song is the self-titled track "Small Border Village". It plays within the village itself, save for inns and shops, which have their own music. It is song 10 on disc 2 of the Rhapsodia Original Soundtrack.


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