Skald Egan

Admiral of the Island Nations Federation fleet
Skald Egan
スカルド・イーガン, Sukarudo Īgan

Illustration Kizaki Sub-Zero
Gender Male
Race Human
Age 61 (S5)
Birth Year SY 388
From Island Nations Federation
Family Bernadette Egan (daughter)
Ferid (son)
Hero (Suikoden V) (grandson)
Six unnamed children
Voice Suwabe Junichi (S5)
Appears in

Skald Egan (スカルド・イーガン, Sukarudo Īgan) is a supporting character in Suikoden V. Skald Egan is the admiral of the Island Nations Federation fleet as well as the father of Ferid.


Skald Egan is the leader of the Island Nations Federation fleet and captain of the vessel Lino En Kuldes. He is also the father of eight children, including his youngest child, Bernadette, as well as Ferid. This would also make him the Prince's grandfather. Ferid's parentage, however, was kept quiet once he entered the Sacred Games in Falena in order to not bring up accusations of the Island Nations having undue influence in Falenan politics.

During the Sun Rune War, the Imperial City Recapture Army arranged a meeting with Skald on Nirva Island as the admiral traveled to Falena for Princess Lymsleia. The Recapture Army requested an alliance with the Island Nations Federation, represented by Skald, but the admiral turned the request down, citing the Obel Maritime Council's line on the matter. However, when he was impressed with how the Prince helped deal with a band of pirates threatening to burn down the Nirva Lighthouse, he did convince Bernadette to serve as his representative before continuing his journey to Sol-Falena.

As a leader, Skald carries himself with a very proactive type of attitude, driving himself and his officers hard but also treating them with dignity. He is also a very decisive figure and quick to decide on a course of action. This reputation was partly so great because Skald would play up these traits in order to manipulate people and events. For example, by pretending to have decided to burn the Nirva Lighthouse down in order to thwart the pirates, he forced Bernadette to accept the help of the Prince in capturing them instead. Similarly, his rash choice to take his navy into battle against the Godwin Faction was another ploy designed to have Bernadette quickly volunteer to join the Imperial City Recapture Army instead, proving that Skald was a very shrewd man as well as a great admiral.

Skald continued to help the Imperial City Recapture Army in a variety of ways, including reporting on Princess Lymsleia's coronation and later in the war, helping the Recapture Army reclaim Estrise from the Armes Western Marine Corps by taking his fleet south in an unsanctioned move in order to pressure the Armes forces into withdrawing.

After the war, Skald was sent on the trails of Yahr and Nelis, his former subordinates, who had destroyed the Federation's store of Rune Cannons before fleeing the country.


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