Euram Barows

Foppish and petulant son of Salum Barows
Euram Barows
ユーラム・バロウズ, Yūramu Barōzu
108 Stars Tenfu Star

Illustration Hozumi Riya
Gender Male
Race Human
Age 19 (S5)
Birth Year SY 430
From Rainwall
Family Alison (mother)
Hiram (brother)
Luserina (sister)
Salum (father)
One unnamed sister
Voice Namikawa Daisuke (S5)
Appears in

Euram Barows (ユーラム・バロウズ, Yūramu Barōzu) is a redeemable antagonist in Suikoden V. He is the childish, bratty fop surviving son of Salum Barows.


Euram Barows was born as the second son of Alison and Salum Barows. Euram was regarded as a normal young boy until his older brother, Hiram was assassinated during the Royal Family Succession Conflict.

Following this, his mother retreated from the world and Euram began to act like a child who always needed his mother, for her sake. After maintaining such an illusion for a long time, Euram began to lose sight of who he really was and lived his life as a spoiled child.

As he grew older, Euram would work alongside his father, further absorbing his father's scoundrel ways. He would be appointed the commander of Rainwall's garrison at the age of 17. In this role, his heavy-handed treatment of the Lordlake protests resulted in riots during which time his father saw an opportunity to turn the situation to his advantage. Salum Barows had the Dawn Rune taken from the East Palace and brought to Rainwall.

The Prince's Ally

Euram and the Prince first met at the Falenan Senate in Sol-Falena, in SY 449. Euram promised to them that he would win the Sacred Games and marry Princess Lymsleia. Euram hired the gladiator, Zegai, to compete for him in the Sacred Games.

Prior to the Games, however, Armes soldiers were spotted talking to Zegai and it was assumed that Zegai was planning to kill Queen Arshtat in the name of the New Armes Kingdom. Zegai was then disqualified, and therefore, Euram had no fighter to represent him, forcing the Barows family to forfeit.

After the occupation of Sol-Falena, the Prince sought refuge in Rainwall where he was placed under the protection of Salum Barows who vowed the Barows would fight to restore normality to Falena. However, Euram was revealed to be plotting with the Armes Southern Mountain Corps on behalf of his father. Georg Prime, upon discovering this reported it to the Prince's strategist, Lucretia Merces.

The Armes forces were later exposed in a forest during the assault on Rainwall by Dilber Novum's army after Lucretia sent a secret communique to Novum. A temporary cease-fire was called in order to repel the Armes forces, much to Euram's shock, who quickly retreated to Rainwall upon hearing of the advance of the Falenan forces.

Following the revelation of the Barows involvement in the Lordlake Uprising and the theft of the Dawn Rune, Euram began to harbor a desire for vengeance against the Prince, after the credibility of his family was ruined and his sister, Luserina, turned her back on him.

Desire for Revenge

Euram would make numerous half-baked attempts at getting revenge. He first attempted to use the Book of Condemnation against the Prince but ended up opening it himself causing it to slowly drain his life. Through the efforts of the Prince and Alhazred, he was saved, but this did nothing to assuage his bitterness.

Another attempt for revenge resulted in Euram hiring Roy and his friends to commit acts of banditry in Sable in the Prince's name, which resulted in a negative portrayal the Prince and his army. Euram was foiled yet again, this time by Sialeeds, with help from the bandits whom Euram hired.

Euram would attempt his final shot at revenge, when he contacted the Isabel and Mathias to dispose of the Prince who had "rebelled against his sister, the Queen". It turned out badly for Euram, as Isabel and Mathias had inquired about the situation before meeting the Prince. The knights turned on Euram in Haud Village, forcing him to retreat with his tail between his legs once again.

Redemption of Euram

As the Sun Rune War dragged on, the Godwin Faction occupied Rainwall before withdrawing again to defend Sol-Falena towards the conflict's conclusion. As soon as Godwin’s men had withdrawn from Rainwall, Sialeeds paid a visit to the Barows mansion. There, she killed Salum Barows, but spared Euram, because she thought that the House of Barows would crumble on its own, with a person as ineffective as Euram in charge.

The Prince eventually met Euram again at Rainwall, but Euram would not relent and retreated to the upper floor of his mansion. There, Euram had a talk with his mother and realised all the things he had done. Ashamed, Euram asked the Prince if he could be forgiven, a request the Prince granted. Euram then joined the Imperial City Recapture Army, as a changed man. He also hoped to rebuild the House of Barows’ prestige once the war was over.

After the war, together with his sister, Luserina, Euram began to right all of the wrongs done by the Barows family over the years.


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