Kizaki Sub-Zero

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Kizaki Sub-Zero (騎崎サブゼロ) is a Japanese illustrator and mangaka.


In 2005, Kizaki worked on Suikoden V as a character illustrator, primary illustrating the characters of Raftfleet as well as the Oboro Detective Agency among others. They have also illustrated several pieces for various Suikoden V manga releases.

Kizaki Sub-Zero is also the artist for the 2008 seinen manga Twisted Rule, and the 2015 work Moonlight Angel. They have also illustrated card artwork for Sangokushi Taisen 3, the hybrid physical and digital collectable card game.

Kizaki is also a contributor to the instructional book Manga Technique Special: How to Draw Color Illustrations for Kids.


Kizaki Sub-Zero is credited as an artist in the following official Suikoden series publications.

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