Prison guard assigned to Lucretia Merces
シウス, Shiusu
108 Stars Chikai Star¹

Illustration Miki Sato
Gender Male
Race Human
Age 30 (S5)
Birth Year SY 419
Height 160cm (5'3") (S5)
From Doraat
Voice Akiyama Takashi (S5)
Appears in

Cius (シウス, Shiusu) is a supporting character in Suikoden V. Cius is a prison guard assigned to watch over Lucretia Merces during her confinement to Agate Prison.


If we all pick and choose which rules to follow, sooner or later, there won't be any rules left at all.

—  Cius
You're the Godwin scum! Look at your uniform!

Cius was a guardsman within the Godwin army who served as a jailer in Agate Prison. He came from a military family, with a long line of service from generation to generation, distilling in him a military temperament, earnest and disciplined and holding a high regard for rules and regulations.

During his time as a jailer, he grew to be persuaded by the beliefs of Lucretia Merces, his prisoner. When the Prince came to rescue Lucretia, Cius would agree to accompany her, along with fellow prison guard Lelei, become a part of the Prince's forces by proxy.

He would continue to work under Lucretia through the Sun Rune War and was held in a position of trust by the strategist which was returned tenfold by Cius. As part of the Imperial City Recapture Army, he frequently fussed over rules and regulations, something bristling the Raftfleet members a little, and also appeared concerned at what he perceived as the army's overall lack of discipline.

When the war ended, Cius would be left behind by Lucretia and Lelei as they left on a journey. He would shake himself out of his despair and would be appointed as the chief of the military police, a heavy responsibility which he carried with great skill.


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