Skilled doctor with strong humanitarian ethics
ムラード, Murādo
108 Stars Chijyu Star

Illustration Miki Sato
Gender Male
Race Human
Age 47 (S5)
Birth Year SY 402
From Stormfist
Voice Futamata Issei (S5)
Appears in

Murad (ムラード, Murādo) is a minor character in Suikoden V. Murad is a skilled doctor with a strong humanitarian ethic running through his work.


Murad is a skilled doctor from Stormfist who studied under the same teacher as Silva; under this teacher, both learned the value of 'humanitarian principles'.

After the Lordlake Uprising and the devastation that was meted upon the area following Queen Arshtat's use of the Sun Rune, Murad packed his things and prepared to leave for Lordlake. By doing this, he planned to disobey Arshtat's edict that barred doctors from helping the town's citizens. However, upon hearing that Silva had already arrived there, he changed his mind, stating that Lordlake wasn't the only place that needed doctors.

Two years later, Murad served at Stormfist as the doctor for the Sacred Games; he was hired to ensure the safety of gladiators as well as to ensure that no cheating would take place by the use of drugs. For example, he easily spotted that Richard had been drugged prior to his match despite his opponent's best attempts to conceal it. However, Murad was unable to detect the use of Dark Arcanum on Belcoot until notified of the drug by Lyon.

Despite this, though, his skills were such that he was able to formulate an antidote and cured Belcoot. Ferid later trusted him to prepare a supply of the antidote for use in preparation for the Godwin plan to drug the royalty at the engagement banquet held at the Sun Palace.

Following the coup d'état which succeeded even with the antidote, Murad made his way to Rainwall where he cared for any injured people there. He refused to join the Prince's forces, saying that although he believed the Prince's cause to be just, he had an obligation to treat casualties on all sides. But when the war continued and Murad saw the devastating effects of the Godwin faction's actions in Lelcar and elsewhere, he eventually agreed to join the Imperial City Recapture Army.

Silva, who had already joined the Prince's forces as their medic, noted that Murad was "as stubborn as a mule" and was surprised the Prince convinced him to join. Murad, on the other hand, noted that it had been years since he and Silva had worked together in any capacity.

Being an expert on medicine and other drugs, Murad worked hard to create an antidote to Raging Nostrum, the Nether Gate drug that drives the consumer into an uncontrollable killing frenzy and leads to death. He didn't have much success, noting that even if he found a cure, administering it would be difficult to a raging, unwilling patient. As well as researching such drugs, Murad also assisted Silva throughout the war.

Following the end of the Sun Rune War, Murad continued to study Nether Gate's leftover specimens and eventually managed to create many new groundbreaking medicines.


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