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Okashila. (尾頭。), sometimes rendered as Okashira. or Okashia., is a Japanese artist who worked on several Suikoden series licensed publications in the early 2000s.


Born in Kurashiki city on July 19, the first PlayStation game Okashila. bought was the original Suikoden and they were a big fan ever since. Their hobby is playing with hamsters and was known to be a hamster breeder.

Okashila. was actively involved in the Japanese Suikoden community as a doujinshi artist from roughly 1998 to 2004. They were also commissioned to work on several Suikoden series products during the same timeframe, including the Genso Shinsho magazine series and the Short Story Collection short novels.

They continued their doujinshi work through 2004, authoring several Suikoden IV pieces but have not created any Suikoden works since. In the past they have also worked on Chrono Cross and Final Fantasy XI works.


Okashila. is credited as an artist in the following official Suikoden series publications.


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