Konami Parody Comic Series Genso Suikoden

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1998 manga release
Konami Parody Comic Series Genso Suikoden
コナミパロディコミックシリーズ幻想水滸伝, Konami Parodi Komikku Shirīzu Gensōsuikoden

Dust sleeve cover
Author Various
Publisher Mainichi Communications
Released October 10, 1998
ISBN 4-8399-0097-3
Price ¥1300
Pages 194

Konami Parody Comic Series Genso Suikoden (コナミパロディコミックシリーズ幻想水滸伝, Konami Parodi Komikku Shirīzu Gensōsuikoden) is a book published by Mainichi Communications in 1998.

The Konami Parody Comics Series was a line of fun, comedic manga dealing with various Konami properties at the time, including Tokimeki Memorial. This Genso Suikoden edition is the only Suikoden manga under that label.


The original Suikoden manga publication, this manga is considered the rarest of all Suikoden manga although it could be considered uncommon rather than truly scarce. It is the only manga released before the Japanese launch of Suikoden II, making the publication entirely focused on characters and situations from the original game.

This manga is also unique among Suikoden manga to have some of its contents referenced in the Genso Suikoden Genso Shinsho publications, lending some events an air of canon unseen in other releases. Odessa's marriage to Achilles and her turning on the Empire was first chronicled here, as was Ted's marriage and eventual adoption by Teo McDohl.

Other such serious stories litter the publication, however there are many humorous stories as well as 4koma, giving screen time to a series of characters who were generally ignored in future publications.


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