Recurring weapon upgrade system

Blacksmiths (鍛冶屋, Kajiya) are a recurring gameplay mechanic in the Suikoden series. They are the primary means of weapon upgrades throughout the series.


A blacksmith is a craftsman who makes weapons and armor for a living. Blacksmiths produce weapons and armor by repeatedly hammering heated steel and metal into shape with a hammer on a hot fireplace. A challenging field, most blacksmiths are men, though there is a significant minority of female blacksmiths. The manufacture of architectural structures and ornamental work using iron and silver is also a common aspect of blacksmith work.


As the technical skills of a blacksmith are reflected in a nation's military strength, it is considered a highly important profession. Various towns and villages had smiths of varying skill levels. During the Gate Rune and Dunan Unification Wars, when weapons were a priority, the main occupation of these craftsmen was forging weapons.

The most common method of becoming a blacksmith is to study under a master and hone one's skills gradually. Mace and Tessai were both known to have students in this manner. There is also a class for blacksmiths at the New Leaf Academy in Greenhill City, and some students apply for apprenticeship after their time there.

Dwarf Smithing

Dwarves are renowned as excellent craftsmen, able to create such fearsome weapons as the Burning Mirror and the Fire Spear. The high standard of dwarven smithing can be seen in the advanced architecture of the Village of the Dwarves. Homes are built with smooth curves and circular glass windows.

Dwarves have also unlocked the secret to generating electricity using wind power and blacksmiths have helped to construct windmills for this purpose. Human blacksmiths who apprentice with the dwarves often continue to stay even after establishing their own skills, showing the high esteem with which dwarvern smithing is held.

Suikoden series

Blacksmiths, for a fee, will sharpen the weapons of your party members, increasing their attack prowess. Each blacksmith has a certain limit to how much they can improve a level, necessitating either a visit for a better blacksmith or giving the blacksmith a hammer which allows them to raise their limit.

In the first Suikoden, there were five recruitable blacksmiths each with their own limit and hammers; Maas (5), Meese (9), Mose (12), Moose (15) and Mace (16). In Suikoden II, the blacksmith Tessai increased his limit through different hammers. This showcases how the more skilled a blacksmith was the better they could wield advanced tools.


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