Dawn Rune

One of the Three Runes of Falena
Dawn Rune
梨明の紋章, Tasogare no Monshō

Type Magic Rune
Appears in

The Dawn Rune (黎明の紋章, Reimei no Monshō) is a unique magic rune. It is one of the three runes of Falena, playing an integral role in the plot of Suikoden V.


The Dawn Rune is one of the three runes of Falena, and is normally housed in the East Palace. It was believed to be the only rune borne of fragments of both the Sun Rune and the Night Rune. It was said the rune could soften the harsh brightness of the Sun Rune.

However, the rune was stolen from the East Palace during the Lordlake Uprising by Salum Barows, who used the riots as a cover to obtain the rune, which was then stored in the Barows mansion in Rainwall. This plot would be uncovered when Norden revealed the truth of the Lordlake Uprising and the Prince of Falena would take the rune into his possession, becoming its bearer.

The Dawn Rune remained in the possession of the Prince during the Sun Rune War. Its abilities would grow during the war, and the Prince would use it multiple times to help and heal people, such as Lyon. It was also used in tandem in Lyon's Twilight Rune and the Sun Rune itself several times during the war.


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