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Anti-Imperial and husband of Odessa
アキレス, Akiresu

Illustration Kitsune-san
Gender Male
Race Human
Appears in

Achilles (アキレス, Akiresu) is a character from Konami Parody Comic Series Genso Suikoden. He was a nobleman within the Scarlet Moon Empire and a member of an anti-Imperial movement.


Achilles was a Scarlet Moon nobleman, but one who concerned himself with the suffering of the masses under Imperial rule. He met and fell in love with Odessa Silverberg and the two eventually became engaged to be married, while also taking care of a war orphan, Michel.

Before their marriage could take place, Achilles was arrested for treason by Kraze Miles and sentenced to death. Before his execution, Odessa was allowed to marry him as a final request.

At the ceremony, before the marriage could take place, Odessa attempted to free Achilles, blinding everyone with a rune before grabbing a sword and fighting her way through the Imperial soldiers, dragging Achilles with her. Although the two managed to elude their pursuers, Achilles had been shot by several arrows in the escape attempt. He died in Odessa's arms, but not before passing on his final wish, for the Empire to fall.


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