Genso Suikoden Original Game Soundtrack

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1996 CD soundtrack release
Genso Suikoden Original Game Soundtrack
幻想水滸伝 オリジナル・ゲーム・サントラ, Gensōsuikoden Orijinaru Gēmu Santora

CD case cover
Catalog No. KICA-7696~7
Publisher Konami
Released April 5, 1996
Price ¥3200
Format 2 CD
Producer Fukutake Shigeru
Director Higashino Miki

The Genso Suikoden Original Game Soundtrack (幻想水滸伝 オリジナル・ゲーム・サントラ, Gensōsuikoden Orijinaru Gēmu Santora) is the official soundtrack release for Suikoden.


The music for Suikoden was led and directed by Higashino Miki, with TAPPY, Taniguchi Hirofumi, Kageshita Mayuko, and Tamawari Hiroshi all also composing for the soundtrack.

Early into the project, Higashino Miki realized that the game could not be depicted using a single genre of music. A deliberate attempt was made to compose something completely different from the music in other RPG titles like Final Fantasy or Dragon Quest, due to the increased scale and diverse setting of Suikoden as compared to those titles.

The development team had originally hoped for theme music for every character, but the sheer size of the game's cast quickly rendered this impossible. In the end, only a handful of character-specific themes would be composed.

On a technical level, music for the first Suikoden allowed streaming and direct playback of the waveform data that was recorded on the CD-ROM. Although much of the game's music was streamed, some music, such as the world map theme, had to be played back through the internal sound fonts, as they required having the map data read from the CD-ROM's contents.

However, as most of the composer team had been working on Sega Mega Drive titles up until the development of Suikoden, there were very few who could work with the PlayStation's internal sound fonts. Tamawari Hiroshi ended up bringing his expertise and Suikoden ended up being one the first games to use the PlayStation's internal sound fonts for music creation (partly due to its development taking place early in the console's lifetime).


This soundtrack is the first soundtrack release and first album release of any kind for the series. It was released on April 5, 1996. The soundtrack was due to be included in the eventually cancelled Genso Suikoden Original Soundtrack Complete Box, originally due for a March 2011 release.

In August 2017, a complete digital re-release was made available to download in individual MP4 track format from Konami's Chakushin Uta online store for 1389 points (approximately ¥1222 through Chakushin Uta's point-buy service).

Track List

Disc 1

# Track name Duration
プロローグ, Purorōgu
1 Into a World of Illusion (Title BGM)
幻想の世界へ (タイトルBGM), Gensō no Sekai E (Taitoru BGM)
2 The First Step (Name Entry Screen BGM and More)
始まりのテーマ (名前入力画面BGMほか), Hajimari no Tēma (Namae Nyūryoku Gamen BGM Hoka)
Chapter 1: Audience
第1章 謁見, Dai 1-shō Ekken
3 Inspecting the Palace (Gregminster Castle BGM)
王宮の調べ (グレッグミンスター城BGM), Ōkyū no Shirabe (Guregguminsutā-Jō BGM)
4 Long Live the Empire (From Event 'The Emperor Grants You Audience')
帝国よ永遠に (イベント 「皇帝謁見」 より), Teikoku yo Eien Ni (Ibento 'Kōtei Ekken' yori)
5 Beautiful Golden City (Gregminster BGM)
美しき黄金の都 (グレッグミンスターBGM), Utsukushiki Kogane no Miyako (Guregguminsutā BGM)
6 Main Theme - Guitar Arrangement (From Event 'Returned Home')
メインテーマアレンジ~ギター編 (イベント 「おうちに帰ろう」 より), Meintēmaarenji - Gitā-hen (Ibento 'O Uchi ni Kaerou' yori)
Chapter 2: First Work
第2章 初仕事, Dai 2-shō Hatsu Shigoto
7 Fly, Black! (From Event 'Black Takes Flight')
飛べ!ブラック (イベント 「ブラック飛行」 より), Tobe! Burakku (Ibento 'Burakku Hikō' yori)
8 Black Forest (Leknaat's Estate BGM)
黒い森 (レックナートの屋敷BGM), Kuroi Mori (Rekkunāto no Yashiki BGM)
9 A Profound Message (From Event 'Leknaat's Oracle')
感動のテーマ (イベント 「レックナートのお告げ」 より), Kandō no Tēma (Ibento 'Rekkunāto no Otsuge' yori)
10 Little Characters in a Big World (Field BGM1)
大草原の小さなキャラ (フィールドBGM1), Ōkusabara no Chīsana Kyara (Fīrudo BGM 1)
11 Distant Mountain (Mountain BGM)
遥かなる山 (山BGM), Harukanaru Yama (Yama BGM)
12 Penpe (Dungeon BGM2)
Penpe (ダンジョンBGM2), Penpe (Danjon BGM2)
13 Fighting Monsters (Battle BGM)
魔物たちとの対決 (戦闘BGM), Mamono-tachi to no Taiketsu (Sentō BGM)
14 Victory Theme (Battle Victory BGM)
勝利のテーマ (戦闘勝利BGM), Shōri no Tēma (Sentō Shōri BGM)

Chapter 3: Collapse
第3章 崩壊, Dai 3-shō Hōkai
15 Rock Rockland (Lenankamp and Rockland BGM)
ロックロックランド (レナンカンプ・ロックランドBGM), Rokkurokkurando (Renankanpu・Rokkurando BGM)

16 Tension - Ensemble Version (From Event 'Attack on the Liberation Army's Hideout')
緊迫のテーマ~アンサンブル編 (イベント 「解放軍アジト襲撃」 より), Kinpaku no Tēma ~ Ansanburu-hen (Ibento 'Kaihō-gun Ajito Shūgeki' yori)

17 Sorrow - Ensemble Version (From Event 'Odessa's Death')
悲しみのテーマ~アンサンブル編 (イベント 「オデッサの死」 より), Kanashimi no Tēma ~ Ansanburu-hen (Ibento 'Odessa no Shi' yori)

Chapter 4: As Destiny Leads
第4章 運命の導くままに, Dai 4-shō Unmei no Michibiku Mama ni
18 Eternal Flow (Seika, Kaku, and Kouan Village BGM)
悠久の流れ (セイカ・カク・コウアンの村BGM), Yūkyū no Nagare (Seika・Kaku・Kouan no Mura BGM)

19 Joy Joy Time (Sub-Game BGM)
Joy Joy Time (サブゲームBGM), Joy Joy Time (Sabugēmu BGM)

20 Infiltration (Dungeon BGM1)
侵入 (ダンジョンBGM1), Shin'nyū (Danjon BGM1)

21 Mysterious Woodlands (Village of the Elves BGM)
神秘の森 (エルフの村BGM), Shinpi no Mori (Erufu no Mura BGM)

22 A Prideful Folk (Village of the Dwarves BGM)
プライド高き人々 (ドワーフの村BGM), Puraido Takaki Hitobito (Dowāfu no Mura BGM)

23 Despair (From Event 'Burning of the Village of the Elves')
絶望のテーマ (イベント 「エルフの村焼失」 より), Zetsubō no Tēma (Ibento 'Erufu no Mura Shōshitsu' yori)

24 A Moment of Peace (Antei BGM)
ひとときのやすらぎ (アンティBGM), Hitotoki no Yasuragi (Antei BGM)

25 The Call of the Sea (Teien BGM)
潮騒 (テイエンBGM), Shiosai (Teien BGM)

26 Just a Little Bit Strange (From Event 'Watch Out, Flik! Kimberly's Temptation')
ヘンテコなテーマ (イベント 「フリック危うし!キンバリーの誘惑」 より), Hentekona Tēma (Ibento 'Furikku Ayaushi! Kinbarī no Yūwaku' yori)

27 The Belle of the Village (From Event 'Mina's Dance')
彼女は村の宝 (イベント 「ミーナの踊り」 より), Kanojo wa Mura no Takara (Ibento 'Mīna no Odori' yori)

28 The Narcissists (From Event 'Vansan, Milich's Speech')
ナルシーのテーマ (イベント 「ヴァンサン、ミルイヒの語り」 より), Narushī no Tēma (Ibento 'Vansan, Miruihi no Katari' yori)

29 Gorgeous Scarleticia (Scarleticia Castle BGM)
ゴージャス・スカーレティシア (スカーレティシア城BGM), Gōjasu Sukāretishia (Sukāretishia-jō BGM)

30 Dancing Girl (Kirov BGM)
踊る少女 (キーロフBGM), Odoru Shōjo (Kīrofu BGM)

Disc 2

# Track name Duration
Chapter 5: War
第5章 戦争, Dai 5-shō Sensō
1 Clash! (War BGM)
激突! (戦争BGM1), Gekitotsu (Sensō BGM1)

2 Premonition of Victory (War BGM2)
勝利の予感 (戦争BGM2), Shōri no Yokan (Sensō BGM2)

3 Volatile Situation (Duel BGM)
一触即発 (一騎打ちBGM), Isshokusokuhatsu (Ikkiuchi BGM)

4 Sorrow - Guitar Version (From Event 'Teo's Death')
悲しみのテーマ~ギター編 (イベント 「テオの死」 より), Kanashimi no Tēma ~ Gitā-hen (Ibento 'Teo no Shi' yori)

Chapter 6: A Mystery to be Solved
第6章 解き明かされる謎, Dai 6-shō Tokiakasa Reru Nazo
5 Amid the Stillness (Qlon Temple BGM)
静けさの中で (クロン寺院BGM), Shizukesa no Nakade (Kuron Jiin BGM)

6 A Gathering of Warriors (Warriors' Village BGM)
集いし戦士たち (戦士の村BGM), Tsudoishi Senshi-tachi (Senshi no Mura BGM)

7 Tension - Impact Version (From Event 'Neclord Appears')
緊迫のテーマ~インパクト編 (イベント 「ネクロード現る」 より), Kinpaku no Tēma ~ Inpakuto-hen (Ibento 'Nekurōdo Genru' yori)

8 Just Between Us (From Event 'Zorak's Speech')
ここだけの話 (イベント 「ゾラックの長話」 より), Kokodake no Hanashi (Ibento 'Zorakku no Nagabanashi' yori)

9 Days Long Gone (Village of the Hidden Rune BGM)
失われた日々 (隠された紋章の村BGM), Ushinawareta hibi (Kakusareta Monshō no Mura BGM)

10 Passacaglia (Neclord's Castle BGM)
パッサカリア (ネクロードの屋敷BGM), Passakaria (Nekurōdo no Yashiki BGM)

11 Main Theme - Ensemble Version (From Event 'Hix the Hero')
メインテーマアレンジ~アンサンブル編 (イベント 「ヒックス ザ ヒーロー」 より), Meintēmaarenji ~ Ansanburu-hen (Ibento 'Hikkusu za Hīrō' yori)

12 Island Fortress (Liberation Army Headquarters BGM1)
水のほとりの砦 (解放軍本拠地BGM1), Mizu no Hotori no Toride (Kaihō-gun Honkyochi BGM1)

13 Glorious Island Fortress (Liberation Army Headquarters BGM2)
栄えし水のほとりの砦 (解放軍本拠地BGM2), Haeshi Mizu no Hotori no Toride (Kaihō-gun Honkyochi BGM2)

14 Blue Seas, Blue Skies (Field BGM2)
蒼い海、青い空 (フィールドBGM2), Aoi Umi, Aoi Sora (Fīrudo BGM2)

15 An Old Irish Song (Dragon Knights' Fortress BGM)
An Old Irish Song (竜騎士の砦BGM), An Old Irish Song (Ryū Kishi no Toride BGM)

16 Gate (Moravia Castle, Checkpoint BGM)
Gate (モラビア城・関所BGM), Gate (Morabia-jō, Sekisho BGM)

Chapter 7: The Last Battle
第7章 最後の戦い, Dai 7-shō Saigo no Tatakai
17 Moonlit Night (From Event 'The Night Before the Decisive Battle')
月夜のテーマ (イベント 「決戦前夜」 より), Tsukiyo no Tēma (Ibento 'Kessen Zen'ya' yori)

18 Advance (War BGM3)
出陣のテーマ (戦争BGM3), Shutsujin no Tēma (Sensō BGM3)

19 Echoes of Impermanence (Gregminster in Ruins BGM)
最強の敵 (ボス敵BGM), Shogyōmujō no Hibiki (Kōhaishita Guregguminsutā BGM)

20 The Strongest Foe (Boss Enemy BGM)
最強の敵 (ボス敵BGM), Saikyō no Teki (Bosu Teki BGM)

21 Tension - Tama Dator (From Event 'Escape')
緊迫のテーマ~Tama-dator (イベント 「脱出」 より), Kinpaku no Tēma ~ Tama-dator (Ibento 'Dasshutsu' yori)

22 Requiem (Ending BGM)
REQUIEM (エンディングBGM), REQUIEM (Endingu BGM)

23 Adertunerio Antes Lance Mao ~The War Is Over~ (Ending BGM)
Avertuneiro Antes Lance Mao~戦いは終わった~ (エンディングBGM), Avertuneiro Antes Lance Mao ~Tatakai wa Owatta~ (Endingu BGM)

Bonus Tracks
ボーナストラック, Bōnasutorakku
24 Tropical Bath ~ Furo-mix (Bath BGM3)
お風呂トロピカル~FURO-mix (風呂BGM3), O Furo Toropikaru ~ FURO-mikkusu (Furo BGM 3)

25 Cursed Bath "No Long Baths Allowed" (Bath BGM4)
呪いのお風呂 「長湯は禁物」 (風呂BGM4), Noroi no o furo 'Nagayu wa Kinmotsu' (Furo BGM 4)

26 Regret (Player Defeat BGM)
無念のテーマ (プレイヤー全滅BGM), Munen no Tēma (Pureiyā Zenmetsu BGM)

27 Letdown (Jingle 1)
がっくり (ジングル1), Gakkuri (Jinguru 1)

28 Fanfare (Jingle 2)
ファンファーレ (ジングル2), Fanfāre (Jinguru 2)


Case and discs



Producer: Fukutake Shigeru (KONAMI)
Sound Produce: Konami Kukeiha Club
Director: Higashino Miki (KONAMI)

A&R: Jun Otsuki (KING RECORDS)
Recording Studio: STUDIO YOU
Engineer: Shigeru Yamamoto (STUDIO YOU), Katsunori Owa (STUDIO YOU)
Mastering Studio: STUDIO YOU
Mastering Engineer: Seiji Kaneko (KING RECORDS)

Guitar: Motoaki Furukawa (KONAMI), Masanori Oouchi
Electric Bass: Masanori Adachi (KONAMI), Paco Soeda, Masanori Oouchi
Chorus: Usagi-san Gasshoudan (KONAMI), Never, Rusamariho, I Am Junchan, MIYATA♥M・I・Y・U・K・I, Junkey Tsuru, Mr., Mai A, Tokashiki Nayuta, Monkey Funcky, Kazuhito Ogikubo, Michiru Yamane, Takashi Sasugano, Sayurin, Kazumi Oikawa, Paco Soeda, M. Mashan, Noguchi Hiroe, Punk Takabō, Pancho Satou

Art Director: Citroen Matsuda (KONAMI), Sayurin (KONAMI)
Designer: Citroen Matsuda (KONAMI)
Illustration: Kawano Junko (KONAMI)


  1. Miki Higashino Interview: Retired Fan Favourite Speaks (, July 1, 2013)
  2. Hiroshi Tamawari Interview: Switching from Games to Opera (, May 18, 2015)
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