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キーロフ Kīrofu

Type Town
Nation Scarlet Moon Empire (until 457)
Toran Republic (457 onwards)
Region Toran
Population 5,800

Kirov (キーロフ, Kīrofu) is a town which appears in Suikoden. Kirov is a port city which thrives on trade. It is the only major city in Dana.


Kirov is located on the north bank of Lake Toran and is a major trading city. Due to its location in southern Dana, it is also a center for trade with the City-State of Jowston. Over time, the town had become more rustic and was quite sleepy by the time of the Gate Rune War. The lax nature of the Scarlet Moon Empire's control meant a lot of smuggling normally took place in the city although during the war it was mentioned that Imperial control had increased.

Following the war, the chef Lester opened a specialty stew restaurant called "Lake Surface Sunset", sparking a boom of specialty shops in the town. The most recommended dish is the "Marie's Daily Routine".

The biggest house in Kirov belongs to Kun To, known as the 'Boss' of Kirov by some. Located north of Kirov is the village of Kalekka.


Armour Shop
Head icon.png Half Helmet
3300 potch
Shield icon.png Chaos Shield
32000 potch
Head icon.png Head Gear
6500 potch
Accessory icon.png Silver Ring
5500 potch
Body icon.png Ninja Suit
22000 potch
Accessory icon.png Silverlet
7000 potch
Body icon.png Dragon Armor
37000 potch
Accessory icon.png Silver Necklace
6000 potch
Item Shop
Accessory icon.png Medicine
100 potch
Accessory icon.png Fortune Crystal
50000 potch
Accessory icon.png Sacrificial Buddha
5000 potch
Accessory icon.png Sugar
100 potch
Accessory icon.png Fire Crystal
7000 potch


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