Isolated village of low importance north of Mt. Tigerwolf
サラディ, Saradi

Type Town
Nation Scarlet Moon Empire (until 457)
Toran Republic (457 onwards)
Region Toran
Population 700
Appears in

Sarady (サラディ, Saradi) is a village which appears in Suikoden. It is a tiny, isolated village located beyond Mt. Tigerwolf, to the north-west of the Imperial capital of Gregminster.


Sarady, located north, beyond Mt. Tigerwolf in the Banner Mountains, is far removed from the other bustling cities of the Arus region, but it nonetheless draws a small number of visitors due to several rare plants and Water Runes which come from the region. Due to being such an isolated village, news rarely reaches the area and much of what does find its way to Sarady is so distorted as to be considered hearsay.

During the War of Succession, Sarady received a large number of refugees from both Gregminster and Lenankamp as the village was too isolated to be harassed much by the forces of Geil Rugner. When Geil's forces kidnapped a young McDohl, he was taken to Sarady to be handed over the bandits of Mt. Tigerwolf.

Odessa Silverberg used the village as a meeting place during the Toran Liberation Army in order to pass on plans for Fire Spear to an intermediary who would bring them to their destination. McDohl's discussion with Odessa later that night was when he developed a real interest in the liberation movement.


Item Shop
100 potch
Water Orb
7000 potch


Rock Rockland

Sarady's theme in Suikoden is the song "Rock Rockland", which is song 15 on disc 1 of the Genso Suikoden Original Game Soundtrack. It shares this theme with both the towns of Rockland and Lenankamp. All three are located in the region of Arus.

The Genso Suikoden Original Game Soundtrack notes that Rock Rockland is the theme for Rockland and Lenankamp, but not for Sarady, perhaps underscoring the village's isolation and unimportance.

Other languages and releases

Japanese katakana サラディ
Japanese rōmaji Saradi
Chinese simplified (HDR) 萨拉迪
Chinese traditional (HDR) 沙拉迪
Chinese pinyin Shālā dí
English Sarady
French Sarady
German Sarady
Italian Sarady
Spanish Sarady


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